The Best Way To Fall Asleep Guide

There are plenty – from simple to complex – sleep tips on how to best fall asleep fast. Today I will share the best practices and also give you the necessary (yet mostly missing) context to sleep well quickly again.


It’s ok and even normal to be skeptical due to the simplicity and clarity of the delivered tips. 


The only thing I ask you is to honestly answer yourself the question if you have already successfully implemented all of these in your life. 


Tip #1 – Light Up Your Days

Instead of trying to avoid all kinds of blue light sources at nighttime, rather get enough light at daytime. 


Tip #2 – Stick to a fixed sleep schedule

This is one of the common sleep tips, that truly add value. Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule every single day of the week (yes – including weekends).


Tip #3 Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol

Here is are two simple rules for you.

   • No caffeine in the afternoon

   • Avoid drinking alcohol daily

You don’t have to turn into a monk if you follow these tips and you can reap a positive effect taking them to heart.


Tip #4 – 30 Minutes “Me-Time” Before Sleep

Instead of thinking about all the things you should not do at nighttime – here is ONE thing you should do. Take 30 minutes in the last hour before you go to bed as “Me-Time”. 


Tip #5 – Go To Bed With The Intention Ro Rest

Sleep is an unconscious process. This means we have literally no control over it. Any attempt to control it will have the power to backfire on your sleep. The result can be as bad as a full blown sleep disorder (Insomnia).



There are a lot of sleep tips out there that are likely to deliver nothing when it comes to your sleep (or that even have harmful effects). 


In this article I shared a handful of tips with a strong focus on real world sleep results that are likely to deliver all that you need to sleep well again. 


These tips are not only proven and based on science but also easy to implement as they follow human nature and universal laws. 


If you feel the need to get additional support, you can download my proven 9-step system called the Sleeptrust Sleepmap today.


What you will get:

  • sleep results
  • proven system
  • additional walk through
  • 9 clear steps
  • science based

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The Sleep Map

      I created the Sleeptrust Sleepmap for my clients based on what truly helps to improve sleep on fast track.The Sleepmap is built on over a decade of experience of what effectively works to get rid of bad sleep and builds on the latest science and research all around sleep.


       Applying these simple 9 steps is the shortest route to superb sleep without the need to sacrifice your energy while taking random action. Start using this today!

sleep map

Using your willpower as an engine starter is essential to give you the power to get started and follow through on hard days.


Get the necessary support through measuring your actions and keeping accountable to yourself and others.


Using purposeful motivation will make you take the necessary actions with ease.

There are different aspects of our body that can impact our sleep. Pain, stress and other factors can be addressed here. 


Good food is important when it comes to the production of sleep hormones and in avoiding things that harms our sleep


Using tools and techniques can let us feel emotionally balanced and well prepared for a resting night of sleep. 


Utilizing rituals as sleep promoting habits will lay the foundation for resting sleep on autopilot.


Tweaking our rituals to be enjoyable is essential as we are building new habits that will determine parts of our life.


To ensure lasting results we consciously need to take care that we are in the drivers seat. Sleep reflects our life.

What you will get:

  • sleep results
  • proven system
  • additional walk through
  • 9 clear steps
  • science based

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