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You . Can . Sleep

I know how it feels—lying awake, staring at the ceiling, desperately wanting to drift off into a peaceful slumber. The minutes turn into hours, and another day of exhaustion awaits. I understand the struggle, the yearning for a good night’s sleep that seems so out of reach.

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? Imagine waking up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the day with energy and enthusiasm. Picture slipping into bed at night, confident that a restorative night’s sleep is just around the corner.

Believe it or not, this dream can become your reality.

Here at sleeptrust, my mission is to guide you on your journey to better sleep. I’m here to help you rediscover the joy of a restful night and empower you to take control of your sleep once and for all.

It all starts with the Sleepmap—a proven, step-by-step system designed to address your unique sleep challenges. Through a tailored coaching package based on the Sleepmap, I’ll work with you to uncover the root causes of your sleep struggles and create a personalized plan to overcome them.

With the right tools, strategies, and support, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the sleep you deserve.

Let me show you how.

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Hi, I’m Michael, and we probably have something in common. I know exactly how it feels to struggle with sleeplessness.

I used to be a high-performance coach, and like many of you, I battled insomnia.

But, with determination and persistence, I overcame it. Throughout this journey, I noticed something strange. On the one hand there is an information overwhelm when it comes to sleep-tips and on the other hand there is a major lack of effective support when it comes to providing a clear, personalized system (it’s not a one fits all here) to recover sleep.

Therefore, I decided (and partly felt forced) to go deeper (much deeper in-fact) and create a system myself. The result: the sleeptrust sleepmap. Drawing from my extensive sleep coaching experience, certifications in NLP, CBT, and Heroic coaching, and most importantly, my personal triumph over insomnia, I’ve built a clear and affordable coaching support system that works!

And now, my greatest wish for you is that you benefit from this experience and expertise, empowering you to find restful, rejuvenating sleep and transform your life.

What will I get?​

You can expect a clear and guided system that lets you put together all of the pieces of the sleep puzzle. And it’s up to you how fast you move on. You can literally walk through the system and start implementing it in one day. Typically you will experience the first results in your sleep in a matter of days.

The sleepmap system is put together out of 9 clear and proven steps. These steps are deeply routed in the newest sleep science, brain science & positive psychology. It leaves nothing open when it comes to creating a personalized sleep recovery plan & the things necessary to persistently do the things necessary for your sleep!

The 9 steps support the three C’s (Commitment, Clarity, Confidence) that you need for any positive change in your life.


(Steps 1-3)

In these steps, we’ll focus on understanding your sleep patterns and setting achievable goals. You’ll track your sleep, identify factors affecting your sleep quality, and establish a foundation for your customized sleep improvement plan.


(Steps 4-6)

During these steps, we’ll dive deeper into the root causes of your sleep issues and implement targeted strategies to address them. We’ll optimize your sleep environment, introduce relaxation techniques, and develop a personalized pre-sleep routine to promote better sleep.


(Steps 7-8)

In the final steps, we’ll work on easing new sleep habits into your daily life and reinforce your progress. We’ll explore practical strategies for habit formation, assess and refine your sleep plan, and provide ongoing support to ensure long-lasting sleep improvement.

Without commitment nothing will change. Without Clarity you don’t know what to do. Acting on the Clarity builds your sleep Confidence.

In my sleep coaching packages, you’ll unlock access to an in depth 3-hour recorded training running through the 3 C’s and all of the related steps of the sleemap. This training will guide you in crafting your very own sleep recovery plan. And, if you’ve got questions along the way, just drop me an email – I’m here to help!

To make sure you stay on track, you’ll also have the choice between small group coaching sessions or personal one-on-one coaching. This way, I can ensure you have and maintain the clarity, tools, and motivation you need to rebuild your sleep and embrace a brighter, energized future.

Let me ask you something personal. Are you ready to transform your sleep? If the answer is yes. Great! I am too – so let’s do this together!

How long will this take me?​

This program is designed to work at your pace. You can watch the training to create your personalized sleep recovery plan in weeks, days or literally in hours. After walking through the training you will have built your initial personalized sleep recovery plan to act on.

Once you start acting on your personalized plan the power of personal coaching kicks in. No matter if you need to further tweak your sleep recovery plan, experience a lack of clarity, feel stuck or simply need better options…

I’m here to help you out!

The coaching sessions will ensure that you keep moving towards your personal sleep goal. Typically you will see results in the first 14 days after bringing your sleep recovery plan to life. In a time period of 45 – 90 days you’ve built what I call “sleep confidence”. This is that you have full trust back that

You . Can . Sleep

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  • Fit learning into your busy schedule
  • Monitor improvements and enjoy sleeping again
  • Downloadable version of the Sleeptrust Sleepmap™

What Clients Say

Excellent motivational and inspirational advice and all based on empirical evidence to help you build a better sleep programme.



I honestly wish I would have reached out to Michael earlier. After trying to lift my energy levels by pushing myself harder to do more sports and implementing more or less useless tips for better sleep - I was feeling down.

Michael coached me - walking me through a clear and direct path back to those high energy levels I used to have in a matter of weeks.

Now I love doing sports and running my company again.

David Wolf-Rooney- CEO ethicaps GmbH

As the CEO and founder of a fitness brand I know how important sleep is for every function of our bodies. When I was faced with sleep problems I knew it was critical for me to take action. Michael was the only sleep coach I reached out to, that was able to deliver a concrete 360° roadmap for the coaching and had a focus on measuring progress.

My sleep is excellent now and I am more full of energy that ever before. Deeply thankful!

Fiona Egan- CEO Sásta Fitness

Course Option

PACKAGE 1 (497$)

The Basic Sleep Recovery (45 day access)​

  • 9 Step sleep training (3-hours)
  • One Page Sleep Recovery Framework (build your sleep plan)
  • Access to private Sleep Recovery facebook group
  • 4 Small Group Coaching sessions (questions via chat)
  • Restricted email support for 4 weeks (1 email request / week)
The 45 day access to the training and framework will be granted via the facebook group, to the small group coaching sessions via zoom.

PACKAGE 2 (997$)

The Advanced Sleep Recovery (90 day access)​

  • 9 Step sleep training (3-hours)
  • One Page Sleep Recovery Framework (build your sleep plan)
  • Access to private Sleep Recovery facebook group
  • 10 Small Group Coaching sessions (questions via chat or audio/video)
  • Unlimited Email support for 4 weeks
The 90 day access to the training and framework will be granted via the facebook group, to the small group coaching sessions via zoom.


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