Welcome to the Challenge!

Because you want to flourish. Everything healthy in nature grows. And natural growth supports your physical and and mental health. A big misconception is that simply working harder and harder will get one there. This has nothing to do with growth – it’s rather the opposite. The result is burnout, feeling unmotivated, fatigued and even worse. Following the 9-steps that I layed out for you and applying the framework to your life you set you up for true growth. Sleep well, feel great and get more done than ever before. That’s performing like you! 




Creating clarity around setting and achieving goals that truly support your performance.

No performance without a specific goal. We’ll build clarity around it!

Persistence is the key to performance. Get everything set up to stay accountable.

Joyful performance means having a high level of motivation. Establish your purpose driven motivation!


Implement the things that will let you flourish in your work, life and sleep.

High energy levels and a balanced mood are essential. Build superb sleep and ensure this. 

True performance goes along with a great well-being. Design power rituals and build empowering relationships.  

Stop being busy and start becoming productive! Learn how to transform your work forever. 


Build your system that lets you thrive on autopilot.
This is your performance!

Speed up personal adaptation time. Become a master of implementing power habits! 

Turn good performance into lasting success through professional milestone planning.   

Build your personal system for lifelong improvement.



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