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Performance Through Sleep – 3x Your Productivity

If you still believe that cutting down on your sleep will help you to become more productive or even outperform you should keep reading…

Sleep deficit is probably the #1 productivity killer out there.

Here is why!

The sleep deficit effect

Here is what really happens when we cut down on our sleep.

    #1 lower concentration span
    #2 unbalanced mood
    #3 bad focus
    #4 decreased creativity
    #5 dramatically increased health risks
    #6 much more…

What all of the above leads to?

A low productivity rate and overall performance. So if you are feeling stuck and unmotivated – maybe look here first.

Quick Wins

Tweaking our sleep can be rewarding – but also can get quite sophisticated. So where should we start? Where will we reap the quick wins?
According to Pareto we reap 80% of our results from 20% of our efforts. So here are the 20% you want to tackle when it comes to your sleep.

    #1 get enough (7-9 hours)
    #2 stick to a regular sleep schedule (7 days a week)
    #3 know and align to your chronotype

And there you are… Sounds simple and achievable? You bet!

To the max

But what if we want to max out on our sleep to tweak the last 20% of our performance through sleep. Well, the list of things we can do here is long. In fact far too long for a short blog post like this one and they also depend on your personal circumstances.

So what I want to give you here are three categories you can think of when you are looking for things that will further improve your sleep.

    #1 body (sunlight, body movement, …)
    #2 nutrition (healthy food, caffeine, alcohol, …)
    #3 mind (meditations, breathwork, mindset, …)

Running through the above list will give you a good indication of things that will help you to further improve your sleep quality.

Sleep is so essential for our Productivity that it owns a step (no. 4) in the coaching model I use to 3x the productivity of solopreneurs, coaches and business professionals in 90 days.

So, if you are interested in the exact roadmap that I use with my clients to 3x their productivity without the need to sacrifice their sleep or family time…

You can download it here and apply it to your own life.

There are a lot of things that you can do to increase your productivity. And utilizing your performance through sleep is an awesome way to start.

Take care


P.S.: If you are an ambitious solopreneur that is looking for support to 3 x your productivity in 90 days or less without stress or pressure get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you to get there!


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