The 2-Minute Meditation For 30 Minutes More Sleep!

Go to bed, turn-off the lights and think of the things you are thankful for.


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The 2-Minute Meditation For 30 Minutes More Sleep!

Is it possible that a two-minute action can give us 30 minutes of additional sleep on average?

Spoiler: YES!

Turns out that a consistent gratitude

The power of gratitude

Once we tap into the feeling of being thankful something wonderful happens in our brain.

We get into this humble state of positivity.

Appreciating that the world is a place full of wonderful things. Seeing ourselves as parts of the whole.

This creates peace of mind.

The effects of gratitude

A recent study found out that having a gratitude exercise of only 2 minutes a day has stunning effects on us.

Participants that did a gratitude exercise for at least two weeks experienced

  • feeling 33% happier
  • getting 30 minutes more sleep (on average)
  • higher productivity rates

Three ways to implement a gratitude practice

There are different ways that you can integrate gratitude into your life. The best time to do so is somewhere in the last 30 minutes before you go to bed.

That way you will take the feeling of being thankful into your dreams and fully max out on the positive effects.

#1 writing a gratitude journal

Simply take a notebook and a pen and write down things you are thankful for. Once you start writing things down you should start to experience feelings of gratitude.

It can be helpful to pause writing and focus on that feeling a couple of times during the exercise.

#2 breathing gratitude

Take a deep breath in through your nose – keep your breath shortly – and then exhale through your mouth.

Slow your breath down to 3-4 breaths a minute.

Use the first two breaths to focus on your body becoming calm.

After that, think of things you are thankful for during the breathing.

#3 falling asleep with gratitude

Once you hit the bed, think about the things you are thankful for. It’s completely ok to fall asleep doing so,-)

Practical thoughts

It doesn’t matter what gratitude exercise you pick. Therefore, you should choose the one you enjoy most.

The truly important thing is that you start to do this regularly.

If you fail to do so on occasion – no worries / no shame / no blame – simply re-commit and move on.

If you find 2 minutes to be too long in the beginning, do 1 minute.

I’m sure you will not only love the positive effects that you will reap from doing this – but also fall in love with the exercise.

I’m thankful that you read this article and for any feedback to come.

Have a fab day

— Michael

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