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About us

We work on one major thing. Reminding the world what a great gift sleep is and to value it in a way that this is reflected in everyday life. Great sleep can be a limitless source of energy. Our goal is to help people who are experiencing poor sleep to sleep better, and people who are sleeping well to experience superb sleep. 

About Us

The Sleeptrust Team

I’m Michael Hildebrandt and I help business professionals like you to find their way back to high energy and wellbeing on the foundation of deep, restful sleep!

Our Mission

Our mission is to give you all the information, tools and guidance you need rediscover higher energy levels with a foundation of a rock solid sleep. These tips, strategies and resources will help you effectively build your sleeptrust with ease. We also offer exclusive small group coaching from time to time.

Our Vision

Be the #1 resource for business professionals who want to raise their energy level and improve their overall wellbeing with a foundation of superb sleep!  

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Our team

Creative team

What you see here is our core team. This will be expanded by people that are in line with our Mission and that we partner up with to support our Vision.

Michael Hildebrandt

Michael Hildebrandt


Passionate about sleeping and founder of – here to serve you.

Lalaine Alarcon

Lalaine Alarcon

artwork/social media

Digital artist and heart of the Sleeptrust social media everything.

sven hoffmann


Passionate about sleep and numbers.

Museth Given Bunag

Given Museth

Web Designer

Magic hand behind the sleeptrust technology and web user experience.


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