How The Best Sleepers Prepare For Sleep

Do exactly what they do and get exactly what they get.


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How The Best Sleepers Prepare For Sleep

What are these good sleepers doing differently? This is exactly the question that I am going to walk you through today as we are going to copy what the best sleepers out there do to sleep well.

The process that we are going to use here is called modeling. It is based on the fact that similar actions should lead to similar results.
As a consequence, we want to copy these things and experience the same great sleep that they have.

Here comes the best thing – good sleepers hardly think about their sleep…and this may also be the reason why the #2 things that I’ve got for you today are so simple.

In fact, they are so simple that I hope you do not discount them for that reason.

#1 Go to bed when you are tired

This is a blast!

Good sleepers go to bed when they are tired.

I can see your eyes start to roll on this one.

Not getting enough sleep means that we are constantly tired to a certain degree. But it also means that we might have messed up our bedtime habits and that we are not able to listen to our bodies and minds when they try to tell us that they are tired.

A good way to get started to train ourselves to listen to our bodies to avoid external excitement/distraction (e.g. TV) in the evening and to kickstart the process using something called sleep restriction.

Restricting the amount of sleep that you get can be a good way to slowly return to feeling natural tiredness and returning back to a healthy sleep/tiredness pattern.

#2 Go to bed with the intention to rest

This is very very powerful. Having sleep problems comes with the desire to sleep well again and as a result we can easily go to bed with the intention to sleep.

Guess what. Good sleepers do not care about their sleep. They go to bed with the intention to rest!

And this is tricky. Because sleep is an unconscious process that we cannot control! Any attempt to try to control something consciously that is not in our reach can backfire on us. In this case we start to mess around with our ability to sleep.

We build up pressure. Try harder! And reap the opposite of good sleep.

What good sleepers do is to solely go to bed with the intention to rest. They know that they deserve to rest. They feel grateful for their cosy bed. They feel worthy of having a long break from the daytime actions now. They acknowledge that the day is over now (no matter if the day went well or not). That’s all!

And as they take care of creating an opportunity for them to rest – sleep takes care of itself!

As a sleep coach, I know that there are a lot of other things that can have a negative impact on our overall sleep quality and I created a lot of content to help you handle these things. But these two simple tips from above are 80% of the deal. And that is actually great news for you!

So, before you start to get confused with the 1000 things you could do, take care that you have copied the pros.

For the rest go to and get further tips to improve your sleep quality.

Take care and rest well

Michael Hildebrandt

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