Build Your Sleep Resilience | Overcome Bad Nights

If you feel that you're in the sleep swamp at the moment then sleep resilience a thing that you want to build.


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Build Your Sleep Resilience | Overcome Bad Nights

If you are experiencing a dropping sleep quality you definitely want to build your sleep resilience. The better your sleep resilience faculties are – the better you will be able to overcome a couple of bad nights that we all might experience from time to time.

Emotions like

  • Stress
  • Excitement
  • Worries
  • Love
  • and other emotions or reasons can keep us from falling asleep or even wake us up in the middle of the night from time to time.

What’s the catch?

If you build sleep resilience you will be able to overcome these little bumps in the road with ease. Owning sleep resilience means that you are able to give an unpleasant event a meaning that puts it into a perspective that makes it easier for you to cope with.

And that’s not all. A strong sleep resilience will give you the (sleep)trust you need to recognize a situation as what it is. Furthermore, this will help you to avoid random unthought action that will make the situation worse than it was before you took action and put you into the mode of thoughtful change.

How can I build my sleep resilience?

This is actually easier than you might think at the moment. I walk people through an easy three-step process to do so:

#1 accept and embrace

Your situation is like it is anyway. As a consequence, you should accept and embrace a situation like yours. This will lay the foundation for solid, calm steps of improvement instead of getting caught in harming, hectic and random action.

#2 build (sleep)trust

Start to build the belief that things will become better. As strange as this might sound – it’s fundamental. If you don’t believe that things will get better next month, next week or tomorrow then your odds of building sleep resilience have just dropped dramatically. If you don’t know how to get started here…simply write down something that you would love to believe and read it every single day. Magic will happen.

#3 acknowledge your progress

There are actually two parts to this point. Firstly – if you had your first good night again then simply take the time to acknowledge this. Don’t let your mind talk yourself into things like “tomorrow it will be over again” and so on…

Secondly, you want to measure your progress. Our minds constantly trick us. As a consequence measuring your progress is the single best way to get and keep clear about what is really going on.

In sleep we trust!

As you can see above it all breaks down to changing our perspective or better said the evaluation of situations. If we are able to combine this with the trust that sleep will get better for us & measure and acknowledge our progress openly, we’re on track to build our sleep resilience.

Have a superb sleep!

Michael Hildebrandt


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