Gratitude The true spirit of Christmas in 2020

Spend time with ourselves, our family members or our friends this Christmas!


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Gratitude The true spirit of Christmas in 2020

This week I’m simply wishing you a Merry Christmas. For most of us it has been a strange year full of personal challenges. Thinks like

  • homeoffice
  • home schooling
  • social distancing
  • anxiety
  • maybe even becoming Corona (or even worse…)

have been impacting our lives.

I believe one of the powers that come with Christmas is that we reflect on all the good that we actually have (even in these hard times). Being thankful is one major theme of Christmas and can truly help to see how lucky we still are.

Doing this will bring us into a peaceful, hopeful, and loving state of mind.

Side note…this will also help you to sleep better!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday tons of great sleep.

Michael Hildebrandt

P.S. – Putting sleep onto your wishlist for this year’s Christmas is something God definitely will look at…


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