Sleeptrust 1’st Year Anniversary Special

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Sleeptrust 1’st Year Anniversary Special

The sleeptrust podcast turned ONE and this will be my Anniversary Special! In this week’s episode of the sleeptrust podcast we celebrate together looking at two big topics

Your biggest questions

There are so many questions all-around sleep that want to be answered and I asked you which ones you wanted to get answered in this special anniversary podcast. I had to narrow the questions down to a dozen to make them fit for the podcast length and leave a little bit of room for the outlook of the exciting stuff that sleeptrust is working on and is to come soon.

But let’s have a look at what you can expect in this week’s podcast having a look at the questions and the sneak peek quickly. The topic is just too big to describe it in full here, so check out the podcast by clicking the soundcloud link above or below to listen to the entire podcast episode (about 20 minutes long).

Your Questions

As promised and announced on social media I answered the questions that you asked me. After the first wave of questions from Instagram and Facebook had flooded me I had to make a choice on which questions to take on to the podcast. The result is what you can see below:

#1 How can I fall asleep faster
#2 What do I have to consider suffering anxiety or depression
#3 Do dream catchers really work
#4 What is sleep coaching
#5 How can I cope with my nightmares best
#6 How much sleep do I really need

If one or more of these questions relate to you definitely check out the podcast to get your answer. If your question wasn’t answered don’t be sad. I am planning future Q&A sessions in our closed Facebook group. This group is also the place where I share:

# sleeptrust tools
# motivational sleep messages
# Facebook lives
# newest sleep science information
# answers to your questions
# so much more…

Ok, but now let’s have a look at what you can expect from sleeptrust to come in the next couple of months.

Sneak Peek

In the last year, we have built our team, the social media presence and created tons of tools and cheat sheets to help you return back to superb sleep. After that, we wanted to lift our website to a modern good looking platform that enables us to do all that supports the creativity that we want to live and you can expect from us to build an even better sleeptrust environment.

Free Membership

One of the first things that we will announce in the next weeks is our free membership. This membership will give you access to tools and content that is locked for the outside world. As a member, you will not only have access to privileged content but also get a weekly newsletter with a podcast reminder and a couple of personal words from me.

Best of

In the next five weeks, we decided to replay our top 5 picks out of the last 52 weeks of podcasting. This will give you the chance to these high-value podcasts and give me a chance to work even more intense on the announced this sneak peek section

High quality courses

All of our courses have been taken off of the platform to bring them to the next level. The bestselling Insomnia Matrix will be refurbished and there will be a surprise course coming too. I’m not going to spoiler this course though so you have to be a bit patient.


We are working on new great freebies. The first thing that is about to come is the 7-day sleep GOOD – feel GREAT challenge. This challenge will inspire you to work on different aspects of your sleep in a fun way. You can register for the challenge for free and furthermore you will get the chance to join the sleep GOOD – feel GREAT Facebook group one year for free. This is an anniversary special, so grab it as long as it’s available.

It’s probably impossible to bring everything into this article that I walked through in this week’s episode. Maybe it’s best you simply listen to this week’s episode after all.


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