Why Sleep Is Important For Your Body And Mind?

Sleep is the foundation of longevity, happiness, energy and health.


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Why Sleep Is Important For Your Body And Mind?

So, why is it so important to sleep well?

We probably all agree that we simply feel better when we get enough sleep. And there is a clear reason why this is the case & why we also should take care of giving ourselves enough sleep daily.

Sleep is the primary source of re-creation. Every night a bunch of hormones get released and controlled during the process of sleep. There are two main things that matter to set a good frame for a good night of sleep:

duration (between 7-9 hours for adults on average)
regularity (we should keep this steady over all 7 days of the week)

Both are critical!

Let’s have a look at what sleep does for us all together. To do so let’s also split our view to our body and our mind to become aware of the full picture.

#1 body

As mentioned hormones play a huge role during sleep and also for our overall health. Here are a couple you might know, that get impacted when our sleep / wake cycle is not working as it was designed to:

  • human growth hormone
  • melatonin
  • leptin
  • ghrelin
  • testosterone
  • many more…

These are just names right, so let’s further have a look, what this means for your body. Things like:

  • appetite regulation
  • fat vs. muscle burn
  • sex drive
  • cell re-creation
  • muscle build
  • overall energy levels
  • or simply looking beautiful

all get controlled through the right amount of hormones at the right time. So essentially if we don’t watch our sleep our entire body stops working with the perfection it was designed to.

And it doesn’t stop there, so let’s have a look at our minds.

#2 mind

Reaping the right amount of sleep also has tremendous benefits when it comes to our mind.

Sleeping well will lay a solid foundation to:

  • store memories,
  • feel emotionally balanced / mentally strong and
  • live an energized, loving and creative life.

In short: You’re only able to live your fullest potential if you sleep enough.

Anything else to know?

Sleeping is the source of health! The risk of getting a disease like cancer, stroke, diabetes type II, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and others are all known to increase if our bodies don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep.

Therefore, prioritize sleep in your life. Get enough sleep and stick to a regular sleep schedule.

There is no cheaper and more enjoyable way to become the best version of yourself!

Take care & sleep well

Michael Hildebrandt


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