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New business ideas or challenges at work result in high demands. A very natural reflex is to work harder to meet these demands. One common result is cutting down on sleep and family time.<br>


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Monthly recordings to improve your work-life-SLEEP balance. Full of facts, ideas and inspirations. Helping you to improve your energy levels, joy and productivity rates on the foundation of high quality sleep.

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Improve your Productivity by tweaking our Work-Life-Sleep balance. This One Page Template Is Designed To Let Hard Working Business Professionals 3x Their Productivity In 90 Days Without Cutting Down On Sleep or Feeling Guilty of Sacrificing Their Family Time. Get started right away! Hit the button below and get access to the one page template and free training.

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About Michael

A Rested You For A

Fulfilled World

Michael Hildebrandt is a High Performance and Sleep Coach. He is also a husband and father of three wonderful kids.


His passion is to help hard working entrepreneurs and business professionals return to high energy levels and joy without sacrificing their productivity.


In the past Michael has worked in several leadership roles and is a certified NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

He is the founder of sleeptrust – helping hard workingbusiness professionals to reach a healthy work-life-sleep balance.

What Clients Say

Excellent motivational and inspirational advice and all based on empirical evidence to help you build a better sleep programme.



I honestly wish I would have reached out to Michael earlier. After trying to lift my energy levels by pushing myself harder to do more sports and implementing more or less useless tips for better sleep - I was feeling down.

Michael coached me - walking me through a clear and direct path back to those high energy levels I used to have in a matter of weeks.

Now I love doing sports and running my company again.

David Wolf-Rooney- CEO ethicaps GmbH

As the CEO and founder of a fitness brand I know how important sleep is for every function of our bodies. When I was faced with sleep problems I knew it was critical for me to take action. Michael was the only sleep coach I reached out to, that was able to deliver a concrete 360° roadmap for the coaching and had a focus on measuring progress.

My sleep is excellent now and I am more full of energy that ever before. Deeply thankful!

Fiona Egan- CEO Sásta Fitness

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