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What is Sleeptrust?

Sleeptrust is the #1 place to go to get back your SLEEPTRUST. We deeply believe that everybody has the birth right to sleep superbly. Therefore we are committed to giving you all the information and guidance around sleep and sleep habits that you need to help geting you back what might be missing or lacking right now in your life. In the end it's NOT about SLEEP - but - about you FEELING SUPERB.

The Podcast

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Get entertained and educated about sleep and build your sleeptrust simply by listening to this free podcast using your sparetime on your next car ride or simply relaxing on your sofa or bed.

The Science

You. Can. Sleep!

Newest science and research have shown that more and more people are facing serious sleep issues due to the challenging environment at work & home and through usage of modern technology. Sleeptrust uses newest scientific insights and pairs this with our individual needs and circumstances using newest behavioral psychology and neuroscience to help you set up an environment that will help you to rebuild your sleeptrust again.

The Helpers

Helpers. For. You

Gaining back sleep means implementing change. We help you with all kind of tools (e.g. assessments, cheat sheets, quizzes, etc.) that will support your intention to take action. We produce helpers around lots of topics that we cover in our podcast or even our paid courses. And the best…they are FREE for you!

About Sleeptrust

A Rested You For A Fulfilled World

We believe that humans are and feel best when they unfold their full potential. You know that you can do incredible things that way. Our belief is to change the world for the better in helping you to reach your full energy level and to help you to gain back sleeptrust and to rediscover how great it feels to live your potential and to be the best version of yourself again!

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