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Sleeptrust is your fast track back to energizing sleep.
Using the Sleeptrust Method means to quickly identify where you should be working on today and boost your energy levels in only 42 days without risking a major burnout or having the need to take medicine or drugs.

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Get entertained and educated about sleep and build your sleeptrust simply by listening to this free podcast using your sparetime on your next car ride or simply relaxing on your sofa or bed.

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Good sleep is important for all important aspects of our life.


Implementing (random) sleep tips often leads to nowhere else than becoming confused and even frustrated with the situation. As a result we can easily try to pressure ourselves into sleep even worsening our current situation.


Finding back to high quality sleep can be simple – but you have to follow certain steps!


Looking for “127 more founding members” out of 1000 to build the worlds best sleep improvement platform. We are offering over $718 in value for less than $80. 


Good sleep is closer than you might think!

Do you want to get back your energy by improving your sleep?
Walking the path from feeling drowsy at daytime back to feeling energized, productive and patient without taking meds or drugs requires change on your side.
Good tools can help you to get fast results taking away the confusion. To help you get started I share the majority of my tools for free. If you are looking for a bedroom assessment sheet, sleep navigator, habits tracker or anything else then check out the helpers today!

About Michael

A Rested You For A Fulfilled World

Michael Hildebrandt is a sleep expert that helps business professionals like you to return to high energy levels in 6 weeks or less without risking a major burnout or having the need to take meds or drugs.
He is the creator of the Sleeptrust Sleep Map, an unique 360° path, that lays out the clear steps back to energizing sleep for everybody.
Michael is the founder of sleeptrust the #1 movement to help people getting informed and educated all around sleep.

What Clients Say

Excellent motivational and inspirational advice and all based on empirical evidence to help you build a better sleep programme.



I honestly wish I would have reached out to Michael earlier. After trying to lift my energy levels by pushing myself harder to do more sports and implementing more or less useless tips for better sleep - I was feeling down.

Michael coached me - walking me through a clear and direct path back to those high energy levels I used to have in a matter of weeks.

Now I love doing sports and running my company again.

David Wolf-Rooney- CEO ethicaps GmbH

As the CEO and founder of a fitness brand I know how important sleep is for every function of our bodies. When I was faced with sleep problems I knew it was critical for me to take action. Michael was the only sleep coach I reached out to, that was able to deliver a concrete 360° roadmap for the coaching and had a focus on measuring progress.

My sleep is excellent now and I am more full of energy that ever before. Deeply thankful!

Fiona Egan- CEO Sásta Fitness

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