The 5 Pillars To Build Effective Sleep Habits

Build a strong faith that you can sleep and attracts sleep back into your life.


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The 5 Pillars To Build Effective Sleep Habits

If you are seeing yourself faced with bad sleep at present there is one thing you need to become a master in…


Let’s be clear. If you take full responsibility for your situation then you know that there are changes that need to be made.

No change results in continuously seeing the same results. And if you have bad sleep at present you can do the math!

Unfortunately change is something that nature only wants us to perform for good reasons. E.g. when something threatens our life or if we have a high positive motivation backing that change.

And there are clear rules that we need to follow if we want to succeed. If we don’t follow these rules, nothing will change! And that means that we will be left with our bad sleep and feel stuck and frustrated on top of that..

To avoid this I’m going to share the 5 Pillars For Effective (sleep) Change with you today.

I’ve used these pillars for myself and my clients for years. To make it possible to apply these for literally anybody I put together a simple one page template. I’ll happily share this with you if you are interested…

But first, let me introduce the #5 Pillars

Pillar 1 – Structure Your Day

You want to know exactly what hours of the day you have reserved for your sleep, work and life.

Write them down and take care that you reserve enough time for your sleep (7-9 hours on average) and that these are aligned with your biorhythm.

Pillar 2 – Focus & Motivate

We don’t sleep solely because we want to sleep. Rather, we need the energy that sleep gives us to let us flourish at daytime.

So firstly, you want to find out what category of your life is most important for you at present.

If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about here… simply choose the category that is most important for your life at present:

  • #1 health
  • #2 wealth
  • #3 business / career
  • #4 relationships
  • #5 experiences

After you’ve chosen that category you want to pick the ONE thing that will have the most positive impact on your sleep (e.g. write a journal before you go to bed).

Now comes the clue!

Ask yourself how doing this will improve your sleep and support your growth in the category you choose.

Don’t stop until your emotions give you a clear signal that it is highly important for your life to do this ONE thing to let you sleep better.

That’s it.

Pillar 3 – Sequence & Timing

Simply plot down the time that you will perform your new habit. Also write down the task that you are doing before and after your new habit!

Doing this will give you a better understanding of what needs to happen to make your new habit an enjoyable and realistic aspect of your new life.

Pillar 4 – Visualize

Now relax and visualize yourself doing the new habit. Start your visualization practice performing the task before and end with the task you perform after your new habit.

If you notice any friction in the process, remove this in your mind by modifying the entire sequence.

This is your proof of concept!

When you are done with this – simply repeat the process a couple of times. Building habits is about repetition.

Neuroscience has great news for us here. Doing things only in our minds has nearly the same effect in our brain as physically doing them.

What that means?

You are already starting to build your habit only through visualization! That’s cool!

Pillar 5 – Accountability

Predictability comes with accountability. To stay accountable to yourself, simply track your progress daily.

But there is an even better way!

Accountability partnerships. Simply asking somebody else to keep you accountable will massively ease the process of building new habits.

You can choose anybody to be your accountability partner. A friend, family member or a stranger. The only important thing is that this person will not let you off the hook!

As mentioned before, I created a simple to use one page template and training for you. It’s called the Habits Simplifier and it makes building new habits as simple as it can possibly get.

If you’re interested you can download your free version here:
Enjoy building your new sleep habits &

sleep well
— Michael

P.S.: If you are an ambitious solopreneur that is looking for support to 3 x your productivity in 90 days or less without stress or pressure get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you to get there!


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