How To Break With Sleep Procrastination

Sleep Procrastination is something we tend to do when our daily lives become busy so we can have more time for ourselves.


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How To Break With Sleep Procrastination

More and more people are not going to bed on time to give them the 7-9 hours of sleep that we need.

As our wake-up time is mostly fixed through outside regulations (job, etc) our bedtime ultimately defines how much sleep we are going to get.

The professional term for pushing our bedtime is Sleep Procrastination.

What seems to feel like something great in the evening, can turn out to become a big problem in our daytime and for our lives in general.

Why do we procrastinate sleep?

There are two main reasons for this:

#1 stressful demands

We need to get stuff done. Rushing through the day, handling a trillion tasks, and facing our responsibilities can be challenging.

Then – at night time – we need some time for ourselves.

#2 entertainment

Having the best entertainment at the tip of our fingers can be hard to resist. Once we watch an episode on Netfilx or Prime we stay up to watch just another episode until we literally fall asleep on the sofa.

The same is true for the wonderful apps and games on our smartphones and tablets.

In short. We get pulled into the entertainment trap!

The procrastination effect

What starts off being something to let us feel good, can quickly turn into the opposite. Going to bed late leaves us with less sleep and a feeling of fatigue during the daytime.

Ironically in the evening our urge to have time for ourselves or entertainment gets even bigger.

On the flip side. Our days feel worse and worse. Demands feel overwhelming and our mood and energy levels are low.

Escaping the trap

So how can we escape this trap and go to bed on time without feeling that something is missing?

The simple answer is … you need to plan & prioritize your sleep.

Mapping out your daily structure is a great way to get started. Simply by plotting down the hours that you reserve for

  • your sleep,
  • wind down time,
  • work and
  • others

will help you to get a clear understanding of your day.

When you map out your day that way, ensure that the last 30-60 minutes are entertainment-free.

Rather than getting distracted, do something that is relaxing and gives your head the space to come up with things that are important for you.

  • having a walk
  • journaling
  • listening to music
  • doing a meditation

are great examples of things that you could do in this time.

There are only two rules:

#1 you should love it

#2 it should give yourself the space to connect with yourself

If worries show up, question them. If there are things you need to do in the future, write them down.

Declutter your mind and tap into what is going on.

What will happen

Having a clear structure and setting up your day in a way that leaves time for your mind to wind down and relax will consistently pave the path to going to bed on time.

As a result, you will experience adequate amounts of sleep again, which will let you feel energized and in a better mood during the daytime. A consequence of this is that you’ll tackle your daytime demands better and the urge to push bedtime will fade away.

As I know that changing routines can be hard to do, I’d love to help you.

Here is a Page Tool (It’s called the Habits Simp³lifier) that I created for you! You can download and use this tool for free. It will guide you in laying out the optimal structure of your days and nights. It will also help you implement any necessary changes with ease!

Don’t procrastinate – download it right away…

Sleep well

— Michael

P.S.: Are you a sleep-deprived business professional? Looking for higher productivity rates that will leave you with more time to sleep and enjoy life without risking your performance at work? Interested in aligning your life in 90 days or less.. get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you to get there!


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