The Top #5 Tips To Stop Snoring Now

Snoring is one of the biggest enemies of our sleep


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The Top #5 Tips To Stop Snoring Now

About 90 million people in the US alone suffer from snoring. That makes snoring to one of the biggest enemies of our sleep. Furthermore, it can have a serious impact on not only our health but also our intimate relationships.

The Sound of Silence

Especially if we are on the higher range of the noise scale our nights can get turned into a heavy metal concert soundwise. Noise typically gets measured in decibel (DB).

To give you a better feeling of what we are talking about here. Typical snoring results in something that can be measured as between 60 and 90db. In contrast a vacuum cleaner ranges at about 70 DB and a chainsaw produces about 100 DB of noise.

Who wants to sleep beside a vacuum cleaner daily?

Give me a quick fix

Of course, there are a couple of things that can help to fix snoring quickly.

For example, changing your sleep position from lying on your back to sleeping on your side would be one of those. In addition, you can start to use oral appliances that will prevent your tongue from falling in your throat narrowing the space in your breathing passage.

What’s the biggest deal?

Snoring is the result of narrowed down space in the breathing passage. So guess what is the #1 driver of snoring.


And there is no quick fix for this one. Indeed reducing your weight will statistically give you the biggest chance for reducing snoring. There was never a harder time to do so AND there was never a better time to do so. We have the power to decide which way we want to look at this. You have the power to do so!

A secret anti-snoring tip

Snoring can also show up an occasion when we catch the flu. Something that is not always thought of in regards to snoring is an allergy. Having an allergy against dust or mite can let you snore like a pro too. Fortunately, there are things you can do against this. For instance, reducing rugs in your bedroom and getting anti-allergic bed linen are two straightforward approaches


Far too often we simply take snoring as a thing we have to cope with. Luckily there are many things that we can actively do to get rid of snoring again. Some of them can give you a quick fix – others take a bit of time and patience. But there are a lot of ways that you can choose from to return back into quite land.

Get all of the tips in this week’s episode and get back into no snore territory.


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