The Key Success Factors For Your Energy Levels

Based on your energy level where are you right now from 0-10?


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The Key Success Factors For Your Energy Levels

Do you feel as if you are running on low energy levels at the moment? Not getting the amount and quality of sleep that you used to? Are willing to work on yourself, but are getting more and more frustrated because everything you tried so far didn’t work.

Well, may I ask you a question? – What are your energy levels at the moment?

The answer I typically get is something like low or I’m feeling drowsy during the daytime. Or, I’m not able to concentrate and often feel bad.

Even though these answers are all good, true and are important symptoms to know – they come with a couple of drawbacks.

#1 it is hard to measure personal progress with them
#2 mapping clear keys to success can get quite complex

But, why is positioning important?

Imagine your sleep improvement to be like a journey. And like every journey you want to travel from A to B.

A represents your current energy and sleep levels


B represents where you want to be and how you want to feel when you are on top of the game again

Typically we would use a map (nowadays a navigation system) to get from A to B, right? Now try to get to your goal without knowing where you are right now! The map is nearly useless for us. Consequently, the navigation system will tell you nothing until it has located where the car is right now using GPS.

In order to use a map effectively, we need to know not only where we want to go, but where we are right now!

Two things that can help you

Obviously we are not preparing for a car or bus ride here. As we are working with our bodies we need a modified GPS approach. I have two simple tools to share with you, that you can use right now to help you do the job.

#1 The Energy Scale (0..10)

The probably easiest and quickest way to give you a clearer understanding of where you are standing right now in regards to your sleep is to use the energy scale. Imagine this energy scale to be a scale from 0 (lowest energy) to 10 (highest energy). The only purpose of this scale is to give you a simple tool and yet a good feeling of where you are positioned right now. Now ask yourself where you are standing on this scale right now. Just go with the first answer that comes to mind.

This scale is so powerful because it allows you to use your personal experience as a reference and that will allow you to measure your progress to your exact standards.

#2 The Sleeptrust Energy Pyramid

This is an additional tool that I use to help my clients. Today I will share this with you to give you further support to position yourself against generic energy symptoms giving you a clear indication of where you are standing right now. Depending on what symptoms match your current situation you will find out if you are in

    1. burnout zone
    2. drowsy zone
    3. normal zone
    4. power zone

Furthermore, the Sleeptrust Energy Pyramid will give you clear keys to success making your journey back to high energy levels and superb sleep directed again. I like to use the energy scale to get started with a client and afterward walk through the Energy Pyramid to tweak the positioning a bit. But this is completely up to you!

If you need a proven map for your journey back to high energy you can download the Sleeptrust Sleep Map for FREE and start making progress today.

Lastly, you can get additional free training on my youtube channel where I post weekly sessions that go hand in hand with the topics I walk you through in the podcast and these articles.

This is also the place where you can share things that helped you to recover quickly with me and the community.

Looking forward to seeing you re-energize quickly.

Take care,

Michael Hildebrandt


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