How A Sleep Coach Can Help You To Improve Your Sleep

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How A Sleep Coach Can Help You To Improve Your Sleep

Already tried a thousand things to improve your sleep quality? Don’t know how to raise your energy levels back to where they used to be. Fed up of seeing your productivity drop, your relationships get tense and your health suffering from this?

Maybe a sleep coach is a good fit for you then?

But what can a Sleep Coach do for you?

The job of a sleep coach

Basically you can imagine a sleep coach to be a guide. Typically if you would want to climb a mountain a guide would be somebody that knows exactly how to get up the mountain. He knows the exact steps that need to be taken and has loads of experience when it comes to the circumstances that exist.

Will he walk you up the mountain? NO. Even if you climb a mountain in a group – everybody has to climb his or her own mountain, right?

But working with an experienced guide will make the journey much clearer, safer and faster. Take away a lot of the potential pain and failure.

Things to consider working with a sleep coach

When it comes to picking a coach, you want to pick the right one for you. Somebody that is a good sleep coach and that you can trust!

The best way to find out is to ask a couple of simple questions:

  • What are the exact steps you will walk me through?
  • How long will the process take?
  • Can you help me to find out my personal pain points?
  • Can you promise me that I will sleep better? (caution: no serious coach will promise you something like this)

I am completely transparent when it comes to my coachings. Over the years I have built a System called the Sleeptrust Sleep Map that contains the exact steps that I tackle with my clients to walk them through the process to great sleep.

What is the Sleeptrust Sleep Map

The Sleeptrust Sleep Map is a guide that contains 9 proven steps that I walk through every client to take them from where they are back to superb sleep again. This system is truly unique and I haven’t seen anything that comes close to it so far.

I want to share the 9 steps with you here that you can work your way through on your own to stop taking random action and start working in a process. Here are the 9 steps:

    #1 will power (use this as an engine starter)
    #2 support (measure your success and keep accountable)
    #3 fuel (find your core motivation for change)
    #4 body (experiment with things that relate to your body)
    #5 nutrition (change your diet)
    #6 mind (use methods to direct your mind, emotions)
    #7 rituals (build healthy rituals)
    #8 enjoyable (tweak the rituals that they fit YOU)
    #9 mastered (create habits and plan your day)

The steps are put together in a coherent order and contain everything you need to do to step away from taking random action over to reaching your sleep and energy goal with coherence.

To help you out you can download a free and beautiful graphical map of the FREE Sleeptrust Sleep Map for free. This map does not only layout the above steps but adds additional information in a video walkthrough that I have created.

I put this package together for you – so this is your opportunity to get started WITH guidance.


Working with a coach is a good option getting you on a fast track back to high energy, great health, improved mood as a result of good sleep. Trusting the coach you pick is fundamental. As a consequence, you should ask good questions about the exact steps that you will be taken through on the process back to superb sleep.

A great idea is to start off for FREE with the FREE Sleeptrust Sleep Map. This map contains the exact steps that I walk every client through on their way from feeling exhausted back to high energy levels. The Sleeptrust Sleep Map in combination with the free walkthrough training will give you a great idea of how to start making progress on your own.

Get guided and return to superb sleep now!

Take care

Michael Hildebrandt


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