Wanna Sleep Tight ? Get Your Mindset Right

It doesn't matter if you believe that you can do something or not, you're always going be right!


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Wanna Sleep Tight ? Get Your Mindset Right

Having the mindset in the wrong space can destroy all of our efforts when it comes to moving towards superb sleep.

Here are the top three things that you want to consider, when it comes to having a sleep-friendly mindset.

#1 faith belief

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – either way you are right” – Henry Ford

If you don’t believe that you will be able to sleep again you will have a hard time getting there no matter how good the tips are that you implement. Rather start to define how your sleep will look like and read this every single day.

This is the simplest way to create a new sleep belief.

#2 measure

“If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it” – Peter Drucker

Start measuring what you are doing to see what truly helps you instead of leaving this up to guesswork. A sheet of paper and a pen are more than enough to get started here. Simply write down what you are testing and what effect this has on your sleep and you are well set up.

#3 purpose

No change without purpose. The deeper your reason for the change is the more motivation will be there to carry you through the hard days. Ask yourself why it is really important for you to sleep better again until you find a deeply emotional reason. Then feel the magic happen.

Implementing these three tips will set you apart from 95% of the people and bring you on the right lane when it comes to your return ticket back to superb sleep.

Have a great sleep

Michael Hildebrandt

P.S. – The mindset is the first building block of all of my coachings, just download the (free) Sleeptrust Sleep Map to get further guidance.


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