Must Have Survival Tips After a Bad Night

If we rush into day without having the time for ourselves, without taking the time to plan our days is like putting our ship into the ocean without a clear plan.


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Must Have Survival Tips After a Bad Night

Ever thought about how you will survive the day after experiencing a horrible night?

I think we all know that feeling.

So, here is the good news for today – there are simple things that you can actively do to thrive throughout the day even after a bad night of sleep.

How will that work?

When we miss a single night of sleep we can tap into something that I call our personal power bank. The personal power bank is an energy reservoir in our body that we can access different channels to improve our overall energy levels positively. The entry points into this power bank are many little, powerful, and proven things that will get our bodies into vibration.

Is there anything I should know?

Yes, definitely. You can utilize this in any situation of your life. But it is thought of as a quick fix for a single bad night of sleep. If you have problems sleeping well on a regular basis there are other options to fix that. Keep in mind – A healthy sleep is the foundation of a healthy, happy life.

Also, using as many tips as possible will give you the highest energy out of your personal power bank. So don’t settle by only implementing one thing. Rather go for all!

Give me the Energy!

Ok, so let’s get started.

Tip 1: Cold Shower

After you had your warm shower in the morning – go for a cold one! Cold showers are a true energy release that will also positively impact your entire cardiovascular system. Going for it will therefore not only leave you wide awake but also with an improved condition of your health.

Tip 2: Strategic Coffee

Choose the time you drink coffee strategically, rather than out of a habit. Typically our biorhythm gives us a hit in the early morning and in the afternoon. Drink your coffee here to fight the double whip (bad night & biorhythm)

Reducing your overall regular caffeine intake will help the strategic coffee work even better when necessary.

Tip 3: Power Nap

Schedule 1 or 2 power naps into the day. If possible and you are a good sleeper you can also go for an entire 1,5-hour nap after lunch.

Tip 4: Sunlight

Sunlight is a powerful force for our bodies. The sunlight determines when our body gets set up for the day and the night. Exposing our bodies to more sunlight than usual will give you an additional energy boost. Best start to do so right in the morning.

Tip 5: Wim Hof breathing

The Wim Hof breathing method is very powerful when it comes to giving you an additional energy kick. You will need about 20 minutes and you should have an empty tummy before you start. There are many videos on youtube to guide you through this exercise. I’ve also done a podcast walking you through the exercise that you will find here.

Tip 6: Cardiovascular Exercise

Go walking, running, cycling, hiking, biking, or something else for around 30 minutes. This will activate your cardiovascular system and will give you additional energy. Doing it in the outside will also give you additional sun exposure. If you feel tired when you start – simply go slowly, but move…

These tips are powerful. Using as many as possible will give you the highest overall return in form of high energy levels, focus, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, …

I swear on them and I know you will too!

Take care
Michael Hildebrandt

P.S. – Don’t mix up a quick fix for one bad night, with general sleeping problems. If you need clear guidance in the form of 9 simple to follow steps, just download the (free) Sleeptrust Sleep Map.


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