Importance of Sleep: The Indisputable Reasons To Sleep

Sleeping more is a life investment


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Importance of Sleep: The Indisputable Reasons To Sleep

Are you cutting down on your sleep to get more stuff done? Don’t want to waste your life sleeping?

Today I have a surprise for you!

It turns out that sleeping will actually give you more time back than you invest in it. But let’s have a quick look at why you should give yourself more sleep in the first place…

The importance of sleep

When we start maxing out on our waking hours we mostly do so because we want to get more done. But it turns out that the opposite happens.

When we cut down on our sleep we get

    #1 unfocused
    #2 unmotivated
    #3 unproductive
    #4 unbalanced
    #5 unhealthy

and much more. As a result, our attempt to save time backfires on us immediately. Due to reduced mental capabilities, we are often not even able to recognize this correctly. And even if the time we add to our work time would be fully productive there is a reason why we should invest in our sleep.

The investment opportunity

Being sleep deprived increases our risk of getting a life-shortening disease like stroke, cancer, heart attack, diabetes type 2, and many more. Not only that the event and the consequences are horrible per se, but they are also known to shorten our potential life span.

Let’s just assume by sleeping enough we will increase our lifespan by a conservative 5%. As the US citizen gets 78.5 years of age on average this would leave us with an additional 4 years of life. 4 years!

So what would it look like if you are 40 years of age right now and want to ‘invest’ an additional hour of sleep daily for the next 40 years? That’s 1 hour x 365 (days) x 40 (years) = 14.600 hours. These 14.600 hours are our investment.

If we reap 4 additional years of life out of that this equals 4 (years) x 365 (days) x 24 hours = 35.040 hours which would be our benefit.

Now we want to have a look at the earnings.

35.040 hours (benefit) – 14.600 hours (invested) = 20.440 hours(earnings)

20.440 hours is our return on investment (ROI)! That sums up to over two additional years of life.

Something to think about

Now it’s up to us to start the thinking process. In the example above we get paid back for our sleep investment. Next we get an additional two years to live on top of that.

Furthermore, we are going to

  • feel energized at daytime,
  • decrease our odds of getting sick,
  • increase our productivity, and
  • be in a better mood.

Can you still find good reasons to cut down on your sleep? Of course you can. Will you find one that stands a rational argument? The odds are good that the number of them just got narrowed down to ZERO.

Start reaping your benefit for giving yourself enough sleep starting today. If you are interested in more information all around this topic, then check out this week’s podcast and don’t hesitate to drop me your feedback at .

Have a superb sleep &
take care

Michael Hildebrandt


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