Master Productivity and Sleep In A Working From Home Environment

What can we do to improve your sleep and productivity for better performance at home?


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Master Productivity and Sleep In A Working From Home Environment

Working from home can be a brilliant thing to do. Saving tons of useless time in the car and not facing the distraction generated from people knocking at our office all of the time.

But working at home can also lead to serious side effects when it comes to our sleep and our productivity.

Let’s have a look at our sleep first.


Humans are designed to become impulses from their environment. As an example: We feel a certain way when we wear certain clothes. Or when we enter certain rooms.

The bedroom should be related to rest and sleep only.

As long as this is the case the environment of our bedroom will help our body and mind to enter a state of rest with ease. Sleep is a natural result.

But when we start to work in our bedroom or even our bed…BOOM

We become confused.

As a result, our minds can have a hard time disconnecting from work. Racing instead of resting when it is time to fall asleep. The amount of sleep we become gets less and the quality often drops with it!

To sleep well while working at home you want to protect the usage of your bedroom for sleep and sex only!

Setting your bedroom up as a cozy and safe environment is key here.

A simple way to do so is to discover your bedroom through your senses. Keep it clean, quiet, dark, cool and comfortable and you have all the fundamentals in place already.

Next, keep work out of your bedroom and you are all set up for sleep success!

But what about our productivity?


Working at home can easily bury our productivity even though we are effectively saving time. No drives to work. No open office hours. Everything becomes more ‘planable’.

But it can also lead to distraction. Missing structure.

When it comes to our working environment the same is true as it is for our sleeping environment. We need a place that we connect with work.

And this place should be exclusively set up and used for work.

Don’t use your relax-place to work. Don’t work on the same chair you use to eat. Using e.g. the kitchen or living room to work and relax or eat is ok. But we need to create a sub environment. A special place in the place.

Set it up in a way that you will feel encouraged to work once you enter the stage (or sit down).

Be disciplined when it comes to your work rituals. Get up on time every day. Get into your working clothes. Have a powerful morning ritual.

If you get these simple things right you are set up for success.

Then you can add in special home office benefits that will further boost your productivity.

Utilizing naps as breaks will help you to reap the most effective rest possible. Lifting your energy, mood, decision-making capabilities, and ultimately your productivity.

Having the freedom to eat healthy foods in your own kitchen.

Spending more time with your family.

These things will all help you to experience high productivity levels working at home whilst improving your well being.


Working from home can be a wonderful thing.

Saving you time. Hugely improving the quality of your life.

Being conscious when it comes to the choices we make in regards to our environment and rituals is key when it comes to our sleep and productivity.

Keeping this in mind & implementing a handful of things from this article will help you to be all set up for success.

Doing so will let you sleep like a baby and be productive like a high achiever whilst maintaining a healthy Work-Life-Sleep balance.

To ensure high productivity rates (at home or in the office) whilst creating a healthy work-life-sleep balance I created the P³roductivity Launch Map. Steps 4,5 & 6 will keep you focused on the specific aspects you want to tackle.

Grab your (free) copy here

Have a rested and productive day!

Take care
— Michael

P.S.: If you are an ambitious solopreneur that is looking for support to 3 x your productivity in 90 days or less without stress or pressure get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you to get there!


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