How Napping Can Boost Your Productivity

Every single aspect of productivity is going to improve through getting a nap.


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How Napping Can Boost Your Productivity

Cutting down on sleep to be more productive was yesterday!

Today we are going to have a look at how we can utilize daytime napping to improve our productivity. I mean real improvements.

Like getting 2 minutes’ worth of productivity back for every minute you nap!

That is what I call a decent return on investment.

But let’s start by understanding why and how this works.

The benefits of napping

Productivity is the result of directed actions. For most of us this means that we need to work focused on a task that creates this productivity. Furthermore we often work in teams and collaborate with others to create the products or services that are the result of our productivity.

But after a while our brains get tired. And this is where a nap can give you so much more than any cup of coffee will ever be able to do.

A short nap will leave you with:

  • #1 increased focus
  • #2 lifted mood
  • #3 sparking creativity
  • #4 higher energy levels
  • #5 better decision making
  • #6 so much more

Best thing here? It’s simple and enjoyable. So let’s walk through our options – because we have some.

Power nap vs. Perfect nap

Essentially there are two main types of naps.

The Power Nap (20 – 30 minutes)

This nap is short and you can have it nearly anywhere where you are able to safely close your eyes. It will leave you with an increased feeling of rest & focus and is a perfect way to take a break. By doing so you will be all set up for a great productive run afterward.

You can have 1-2 power naps a day and you might want to schedule these into your day to reserve that time slot for having them.

The most important thing to note is that you do not want to cross the red 30-minute line here. Doing so will leave you at risk of ending up in deep sleep. The drawback here is that waking up now will leave you with the feeling of being hit by a truck that you might have experienced before.

Best set a timer in your mobile before you have your nap or use the Salvador Dali trick of simply holding a key in your hand that will drop just before you end up in deep sleep.

A little side notes: According to NASA exactly 26 minutes are the optimal time to nap here.

The Perfect Nap (60-90 minutes)

This nap will give you a full cycle of sleep. With it comes benefits that you will otherwise only reap through a full night of sleep. It is a particularly great thing if you want to learn faster because it will give you additional memory consolidation. Another good reason to use this is to catch up on sleep after having a short night.

The latter can save your day productivity-wise after experiencing a short night.

To make this nap happen might not be easy if you are working in a 9to5 job. Also, your odds of getting that amount of sleep in the daytime will increase as soon as you plan it into your schedule.

I personally find it to work best to set a timer to 90 minutes. This is our “last exit”. Typically you will probably wake up before the 90 minutes (one full sleep cycle) are over. When this happens simply get up on your own and delete your timer.

Having a perfect nap works best in your bed or some other comfortable place where you can lie down.

Napping productivity limitations

This is what you need to know if you want to reap 2 minutes of productivity for every minute you nap:

This is limited to 1-2 power (20-30 minutes) naps OR 1 perfect nap (60-90 minutes).
You should go into your nap by setting a clear intention of what you want to get out of it for your next working task
After getting up, start to work on your task and avoid any distractions for at least 30 minutes (email, phone, messenger, etc.)

Simple. Powerful. Naps!

Planning naps into your day

To get the most out of napping you want to fix naps into your daily schedule. Depending on what you are working on and your personal circumstances at present it is a good idea to choose the right nap type and to get the timing right.

Timing matters

And right timing can also get complicated. Therefore I created a simple to use solution for you. Using it will do all the heavy lifting for you.

The only thing you need to know and fill in is the time you wake up. Put that information in the Napping Calculator I created for you and it will hand over the best nap type and times for the benefits you are seeking.

You can downl
oad the P³roductivity Naps Solution (Checklist & Calculator) here. And its use is absolutely free.

There is no easier way to get all set up and started with productivity naps today!

Can’t wait to hear how this helped you not only to be more productive but also to feel better! And isn’t that what it’s ultimately about anyway?

Take care & nap well


P.S.: If you are an overworked entrepreneur that wants 3 x your productivity in 90 days or less without stress or pressure get in touch with me. I’ve been working on something truly unique!


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