[Step #4] The Power Sleep Categories For Your Body

How to prepare your body for deep resting sleep?


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[Step #4] The Power Sleep Categories For Your Body

After reading this short article you will know exactly what to do to get your body on your side when it comes to superb sleep at night and high energy levels at daytime.

Ever felt awake at night but sleepy over long periods of the day?

There are a lot of simple things that we can do for our body to get things back into order – bringing you back your high energy levels at daytime and superb sleep at night.

To do so, we only need to keep three categories in mind and I’ll walk you through all of them in a second. Before we get started with this you should keep one helpful thing in mind. All we can experience through our bodies must be evaluated through our sensory factors.

These are things that we can

  • feel
  • see
  • hear
  • smell &
  • taste.

And that’s it. So whatever we have a look at in regards to our body – it mostly relates to one of the above senses.

But now let’s walk through the #3 main sleep categories.

The bedroom

We want to feel good in our bedrooms. Bodywise this means that we want to have a bed with a decent mattress, good cushions, and a cozy blanket in place. Furthermore keeping the bedroom just slightly cooler than your other rooms can help you to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Try to sleep in a dark environment. To do so lockout as much light as possible by using dark curtains, avoiding electrical light from screens or led lamps in devices, or by simply using an eye mask.

Next, try to keep it quiet in your bedroom. If the straight forward approach of closing the doors and windows doesn’t work you might want to use earplugs to get the result.

And lastly, you can treat yourself by using a diffuser or a pillow spray with a calming smell. This is one of the simplest ways to get into a relaxed state at bedtime.

Wakey wakey

Talking about sleep or even your energy levels at daytime requires a good transition from sleep state to wake state. Turns out that good sleep starts when we get out of bed. Here are three simple things to follow to kick start your days and set you up for superb sleep.

#1 wake up – While sleeping we run through different sleep stages. A full sleep cycle goes from light sleep to deep sleep and back again. You might know how horrible it can feel to get ripped out of deep sleep. So let’s take care that we wake up in a light sleep stage. Conventional alarm clocks are not able to do this as they solely work time based. Therefore best use a light based alarm clock or a sleep tracking device that has the capability to gently wake you up out of a light sleep stage.

#2 get up – Once we are awake we want to take action. Avoid using the snooze button and get up right away (1-5 minutes) after you wake up. Then take care that you rehydrate your body drinking a glass of water.

#3 tune-up – Now that we’ve made it out of bed we want to give our bodies a clear signal that the day has started. Do so by getting into slight body movement (e.g. a walk or light gymnastics) and have your breakfast at some point. Having a warm shower (cold shower for kick start) can give you additional traction into the day.


A straightforward approach is to follow the 4-2-1 rule before bedtime.

4 hours (bb) – have your last meal

2 hours (bb) – get into a dimmed environment

1 hour (bb) – replace excessive usage of electrical screens through sleep-promoting options (hot bath, listening to music, etc.)

The things that I walked you through in this article are mostly easy to implement. So, if you belong to the people that are after the quick wins – this is certainly the way to start.

You might also want to check out this week’s podcast about the topic where I spread more ideas on what you can do for you body to find back to superb sleep at night and power through the day on high energy levels.

Have an energized day!

Michael Hildebrandt


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