[Step #5] Eating Yourself Into Healthy Sleep

How to prepare your body for deep resting sleep?


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[Step #5] Eating Yourself Into Healthy Sleep

Still having problems finding that superb sleep even though you have implemented so many of those “sleep hygiene” tips? Ever thought that there might be a problem with these tips? One big reason for this is that these tips mainly focus on the body and mind part of things.

The invisible master

But what if there is something going on on a different level?

What if our body is simply not capable of producing deep sleep?
Or if some basic building blocks are missing?</em

In this case, it is time to turn over to the nutrients that we feed our bodies with. Our bodies are made out of cells, right? As these cells need to get repaired and replaced from time to time, so we need the right substances to keep this process going. Furthermore different processes have to be triggered in our bodies. This typically happens through hormones that also have to be produced in a sufficient amount to let everything (including our sleep) work in harmony!

A look under the hood

So let’s start off with a simple example. At night time a hormone called Melatonin triggers our need for sleep. Melatonin on its own will not let us sleep through. That said – it is responsible to let all parts in our body know that it is time to sleep! Shouting it out into the last angle of our body.

So imagine what happens if you don’t have enough Melatonin in your body?

Typically we talk about supporting the Melatonin production in regards to avoiding (blue) light as this harms the efficient production. Turns out our body needs a couple of building blocks to create Melatonin. The simplified chain looks like this:

Tryptophan -> Serotonin -> Melatonin

So now our job is to find good sources of Tryptophan. And luckily there are a lot of them available. Things like

  • cheese
  • nuts
  • eggs
  • meat
  • fish
  • green beans…

all contain Tryptophan.

Keeping it easy…

As Melatonin is only one of the essential things that we need to fall asleep you can imagine that things can get quite complex here. In fact, it is so complicated that I don’t believe that anybody out there will give you a 100% clear cause -> effect chain in regards to your personal sleep.

So, what we know is that our bodies are used to certain foods and that we can trust our bodies to process these foods in a way that they will ensure high energy levels at daytime and deep resting sleep at night.

Let’s start an improvement cycle by simply getting more conscious and cautious about what we eat.

Set up your environment for success! Make fruits, vegetables, cheese, and so on available in your fridge. Replace snacks like chips with nuts and so on. In creating these minor shifts we can induce a major impact and you can let your body take care of the heavy lifting! In the end, your body is the only thing that knows exactly what you personally need.

But what if…

you have tried all of this and things are still not working for you? That could be a good time to visit a doctor and to get your blood tested. There are 47 essential vital substances (vitamins, minerals…) that our bodies need to crave. Let the doctor make a broad blood analysis and figure out what might be missing. That way you can use specific high-quality supplements to help your body get exactly what it needs instead of guessing your way into frustration.


Nutrition is a wide and complex topic where we can easily get unnecessarily over-suffisticated leaving us with confusion, overwhelm, and frustration.

To avoid the above, take it easy and get conscious about what you feed your body with. The easiest way to do so is to create a good food friendly environment in your home. A good way to do so is by making healthy options available (e.g. fruits, veggies, cheese) and getting rid of unhealthy options in your personal environment.

You might also consider to replace your snacks through healthy ones (e.g. nuts).

Lastly, you can get consulted by a doctor (best with a background in molecular medicine). Let him analyze your blood. Keep in mind that it is more than a handful of values you want him to have a look at as there are 47 substances that are essential for our bodies to function correctly! As a result, you will have clarity about what is going on and can adapt your diet or even supplement
your body for a fast recovery.

And always pick foods that you love to eat. There are enough wonderful options out there and I’m sure you will enjoy testing these foods once you get started.

Happy eating & a superb sleep

Michael Hildebrandt

P.S. – Nutrition is Step no. 5 of my proven 9 – step coaching system to bring you back to high energy levels on the foundation of deep, resting sleep. Don’t forget to download the free Sleeptrust Sleep Map if you haven’t so far and start to map out your personal journey back to superb sleep!


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