Pros and Cons of Sleeping Pills

Your fighting the symptoms and not the cause


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Pros and Cons of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping tablets are an often chosen solution when it comes to problems with our sleep. Frequently we think of tablets as the solution without knowing the pros and cons or even digging into alternative solutions.

Today I share my point of view with you when it comes to sleeping pills.

The thing I like about sleeping tablets

It is a solution if you can’t sleep. So if there is no other solution around that seems to help, they are definitely an option that can help you to sleep.

Why I am generally speaking not a sleeping tablet fan

There are a couple of reasons for this

#1 symptom vs. cause

With the pill, you mainly treat the symptom – not the cause. Wherever possible you want to tackle the cause to get rid of the underlying problem. This is always the way to a better, healthier (body & mind) life.

#2 dependency

As the ‘pill’ will help you to fall asleep easier, your body might get used to this quickly. If you want to start to move away from sleeping pills – odds are that it will be even harder for you to fall asleep than before (especially if you are not only using the very short term).

#3 health

Not getting enough sleep comes along with increased health risks in diseases like stroke, cancer, heart attack, and many more. Using sleeping tablets to sleep will not give you the restorative sleep you would get naturally leaving you with many of these overall risks.

On top of that, you have the side effect that any medication comes along with.

#4 overall value

The sleep that you get is not as restorative as natural sleep would be. Also, the amount of added sleep can vary strongly depending on the person that takes the medication.

#5 what experts say

The sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker clearly sets a point in his book “Why we sleep”. Sleeping tablets should be the very last option. The negative effects for individuals and our society are tremendous according to Walker. Rather implement effective sleep tips and use CBT-I (Cognitive Based Training for Insomnia) is his advice!

I do not know one sleep expert that is not (directly or indirectly) on the salary list of the pharma industry that will tell you anything else.


Finding back to superb sleep can be challenging. Especially the need to change things when we are in a state of feeling low energy levels can be hard.

Nevertheless, taking sleeping pills should always be your last option and – if possible – only used short term (talk to your doctor of trust here).

Changing your lifestyle and behavior can be challenging at first, but are well worth the effort. It is also good to know that you are not alone. There are sleep coaches out there that can help you to reach your sleep and energy goals faster than you might think this is possible right now.

Download the Sleeptrust Sleep Map today to a clear 9 step guidance back to superb sleep without the frustration of taking ineffective action.

Wishing you superb (natural) sleep

Michael Hildebrandt


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