Get Your Morning Right and Win Your Night

If we rush into day without having the time for ourselves, without taking the time to plan our days is like putting our ship into the ocean without a clear plan.


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Get Your Morning Right and Win Your Night

So what has my morning to do with sleeping problems? Maybe nothing – I don’t know! But I can definitely tell you that there are a lot of simple things that you can do in the morning to improve your

  • days
  • well being
  • productivity
  • and SLEEP

Why is this important?

The things we do when we get up align us with a new born day. As a consequence things that we do here can amplify how we will experience our entire days, including our nights.
We need some time to ground ourselves in the morning and to set a clear signal to our body and mind that the day has started. That way our bodies will also react to the signal that we are setting at night when we go to bed.

What should I do?

Firstly you really want to have time for yourself after you get up to spend with…yourself. Rather than rushing out of bed – through the bathroom – over to work… give yourself 2 hours of time before you have to leave the house after you get up in the morning.

Secondly, you want to get a couple of things right to set a clear signal that the day has started:

#1 wake up

Use a light-based alarm clock or a fitness tracker that can detect (most can) when you are in a light sleep stage. That way you will not get ripped out of deep sleep.

#2 get up

Do not use the snooze button! Instead, get out of your bed right away! Committing to follow this before you go to bed will help you to ease the process if you are a snooze addict at the moment.

#3 tune up

Do a couple of simple things to let your body know that it is daytime. This starts with 1. hydrating your body 2. getting into slight movement (maybe having a short walk) and 3. getting into the sunlight (or using a daytime lamp). These are all actions that will send your body clear signals that the day has started!

That’s all?

Yes and no! What we did was to strengthen our morning-sleep-signal. By giving our bodies a clear signal that it is time to start the day it will have a much easier time to recognize and apply the sleep signal that you are setting at night through e.g. going to bed in the darkness.

So what is left?

I recommend that you start to plan your day in a 360° approach. This is a simple thing to implement into your morning and will not take you more than 5 – 10 minutes.

Planning one thing for your

  • productivity (most important task of the day)
  • fun (what will you enjoy to do)
  • health (fitness, nutrition)
  • relationships (connecting to a friend)

will boost how your day works and feels for you and how you will be feeling in the evening.

Let me know what things you do in the morning help you to sleep better at nighttime.

Get your mornings right and win your nights!

Take care


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