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This cheat sheet will help you to:

Using the Insomnia Matrix will help you to build a solid understanding in which sleep relevant areas of your life you have the biggest potential for change. We do so by layering two important dimensions over each other.


#1 the sleep triathlon

If we talk about working on our sleeptrust and therefore finding back to superb sleep we can only work on three areas. Simple as that – three. It’s the:

  • body
  • nutrition
  • mindset

That’s all we can work with. And each of them can have an tremendous impact on our sleep and can easily be overseen depending on the angle we take. At sleeptrust we have an entire podcast series about the sleep triathlon that covers these three aspects in more depth than we will do here.


# sleep coaching best practice

The second approach that we want to take is more process driven and a commonly best practice to walk through when it comes to sleep coaching. And again – three aspects:

  • sleep appetite
  • bedroom
  • inner clock / circadian rhythm

Both approaches are powerful. Talking about sleep and building our sleeptrust we want to get as much light into our insomnia as possible. This is why sleeptrust invented the Insomnia Matrix. We use it as the core of our best selling product “The Insomnia Matrix” and today you can download a FREE version of this tool to get you started.

We have many related podcasts to back up the Insomnia like the full series about the sleep triathlon, the biorhythm and more that you might also want to check out if they relate to you and you want to get a deeper understanding of them.



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