Aging – The Big Sleep Check-Up

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Aging – The Big Sleep Check-Up

With every day we get older. This is a commonly well-known fact. But what happens to our sleep when we age is often a source of confusion. What we definitely know is that we still need sleep when we get older. But it is a common misconception to think that we need less sleep when we get older.

But sleep changes over time – true!. The changes that occur most often are related to a change in our sleep architecture and this does not affect the overall amount of sleep that wee need in a 24 / hour period.

The most common things that we can face when we age are:

  • a change in our circadian rhythm – feeling the need to go to bed earlier
  • a change in our sleep architecture – e.g. having full naps at daytime

These changes can subjectively leave us with the feeling that we need less sleep, even though the amount of sleep we objectively need stays the same.

In regards to sleep, it is always best to listen to your body. If your body tells you to have a nap at daytime when you are getting older – do this. BUT – If you find yourself sleeping far more OR far less than you used to and feel TIRED at DAYTIME, don’t simply push it to your age. Go to get a sleep check-up at your doctor.

Try to enjoy the same amount of sleep when your age 🙂 and keep flexible to changes in your circadian rhythm and the underlying sleep architecture.

Please share your experience and tips with others in the comments to give them additional inspiration to believe in a future with superb sleep again!


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