Faith – Imagine, Believe & Sleep

Imagine, believe and sleep!


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  • Our superpower: IMAGINATION
  • Fuelling imagination with belief
  • The Napoleon Hill way (#6 steps)
  • How to find good books

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Faith – Imagine, Believe & Sleep

Working with imagination can sound a bit hokey on the surface – but in reality, people like Albert Einstein said knew that imagination is the real superpower of humans. Albert Einstein also was a great sleeper. The truth behind imagination and belief is that we are responsible for creating the imagination of the future we desire. To believe & take action on something that only exists in our heads is a hard (but possible & necessary) task to do. Napoleon Hill spent all of his life finding out how big achievers reached whatever they wanted for over 20 years and shared this secret

6 step process to follow:

  • Define exactly how it is going to look when you sleep (imagination)
  • What are you willing to go/give up for it
  • When (date) will you have created this new reality
  • Create a concrete plan (actions in order)
  • Write down the above on a piece of paper
  • Read this at least twice a day (first thing in morning / last thing at night)

Trust the process and create your own sleep-reality!

It may also be worth working on getting an even deeper understanding of the concept that can work for all aspects of your life reading Napoleon Hills book that is about 100 years old and still selling at Amazon ( or in your local bookstore.

Please share your experience and tips with others in the comments to give them additional inspiration to believe in a future with superb sleep again!


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