#033 – Snoring – How To Get Sleep With A Snorer

How to handle snoring of your loved ones?


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  • The power of conversation
  • Effective noise reduction tools
  • Accepting sound
  • Last exit – separate bedrooms

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#033 – Snoring – How To Get Sleep With A Snorer

What can you do when your partner snores in bed and you have problems falling asleep or getting an undisturbed sleep? The first thing is that you have to take responsibility for the situation. Loading the problem over to your partner is the first step into disaster. Separating bedrooms to quickly – and – without a clear plan putting your relationship first is the road to disaster. Walk through the #4 steps and find out how quickly you can not only find back to superb sleep, but also see your relationship grow through working through this together as a couple (as long as it is not your pet that is snoring of course :)).

Fortunately the steps to live with snoring are easier than one would think AND if you implement these as a couple it can also be fun and a journey that will inspire others too.

Start taking the #4 steps to cope with snoring now and feel good going to bed again!

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Michael is a high performance coach and sleep expert. He loves to drive the best out of people and help them and to live a better life through improving their ability to sleep superb again.

If we lie in bed and can’t fall asleep because our partner is snoring this can easily bring up emotions like anger and stress that is directed against our partner or even ourselves.

There are 4 simple steps that you should taking to handle snoring in a professional way and as a project with your loved one.

You will learn more about these #4 steps in the podcast

1. Have an open talk with your partner
2. Reduce the noise
3. Handle the sound of snoring in your favour
4. Last exit – split bedrooms

Please share in the comments below what helped you to overcome the bedroom snoring to inspire and help others.

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This video is about how you can handle snoring in your bedroom better: Snoring – How To Get Sleep With A Snorer


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