Sleep Triathlon Discipline I – Foundation Through Body Movement

Why body movement is so important and what we can do to get aligned with our evolutionary programming?


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  • Humanity in rearview 
  • Today’s big GAP 
  • Triathlon interconnections 
  • Integrating daily body movement

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Sleep Triathlon Discipline I – Foundation Through Body Movement

Improving our sleep quality or even our ability to have a superb sleep always takes place in one of these

SLEEP TRIATHLON disciplines:

    #1 Movement
    #2 Nutrition
    #3 Mindset

In this week’s episode, we have a deeper look into the #1 one – movement – or more specifically the movement of our bodies.

From an evolutionary perspective, it was necessary for us to move our bodies every single day to find foods for our families/tribes by gathering seeds, veggies, fruits or hunting.

All of these activities required body movement on a regular = daily basis.

Our minds have enabled humanity to change our environment in a time frame that just detached us from the usual evolutionary adaption times. Today’s environment often leaves us with

    1. A lack of movement
    2. An increased isolation
    3. Threats in the form of little tigers (e.g. deadlines, constant outside demands)

As we are wired to our evolutionary programming that is implemented deeply in our DNA we have to take care that we meet the needs through taking conscious action making up for the changes that we created in our environment. 

    • Scheduling exercises into your daily routine
    • Reducing exercises to the max to create momentum

Are two powerful things that you should adopt right away to improve not only your sleeptrust but also your overall life quality. 

Also take into consideration that this sleep-triathlon-discipline also affects the other two disciplines (nutrition, mindset) so that sleep issues that you relate to your nutrition or mindset can also be supported – sometimes even caused – through the lack of adequate body movement.


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