Sleep Triathlon Discipline II – The Impact Of Nutrition

Watch out the food you eat!


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  • Nutrition 10.000 years ago 
  • The nutrition gap today 
  • Sleep impact of microbiology 
  • The triathlon interconnections  
  • Improving our nutrition 

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Sleep Triathlon Discipline II – The Impact Of Nutrition

Nowadays we have everything we need to eat and our bodies are just flooded with the vitamins, minerals and everything else that our bodies need, right?

Well, unfortunately – even though this should be true – reality writes a different story.

We live in an environment where often foods are
  • 1. Processed
    2. Full of sugar
    3. Packed with carbs
  • The list would go even longer as the main focus of our food industry is to present us with fast-growing, nice looking and big vegetables. Nobody cares if vitamins get reduced. Nobody cares that it might not be the best thing to use pesticides and fertilizer to the degree that they are getting used today. 

    OK – but let’s focus on what we can do right away to improve our health and get our microbiology into form. This is really powerful. If our microbiology works in our favor we will have it so much easier to

  • #1 Move our bodies because we have the power to do so
    #2 Feels good because we have built the foundation for things like Serotonin = the happiness hormone
    #3 HAVE A SUPERB SLEEP – what else?!? 🙂
  • Nutrition and the underlying microbiology have a big impact on the tho other disciplines of our sleep triathlon.

    So if you don’t feel good and you don’t get the quality sleep that you used to have you might want to let your blood get analyzed from your doctor of trust. 

    Working on all three sleep triathlon disciplines will almost guarantee you to find back to superb sleep or further improve your sleep & sleeptrust!

    Give your nutrition a chance and start to eat healthier by reducing your sugar intake right away and increasing the number of veggies and fruits that you eat!

    Yummy yummy. Your body and mind will say thank you.


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