#037 – Sleep Triathlon – The #3 Must Know Categories For A Superb Sleep

Overview about the relevant categories when it comes to sleep and how they impact each other.


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From Triathlon to Sleep 

  • #1 Body Movement 
  • #2 Nutrition 
  • #3 Mindset 

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#037 – Sleep Triathlon – The #3 Must Know Categories For A Superb Sleep

Looking at our sleep we often have a to narrowed sight on things. We want to have the straight forward solution, right? Yes – this is where I always look first too. But often the direct route is misleading. Often we have to broaden our sight to figure out what is really going on.

To help do this I work with a three category model put together out of

#1 Movement
#2 Nutrition
#3 Mindset

All of these categories interact with each other and that way also impact each other.

Having bad thoughts (=mindset) can impact the hormones in our bodies what will leave an impact on our

Movement (= not the energy levels that we want to have due to feeling bad)
Nutrition (= eating the wrong things or not being able to get the most out ouf our nutrition due to a bad hormone cocktail in our bodies)

Understanding how the above categories work together will let us find better solutions in regards to our sleep that are more inline with ourselves as a whole.

Check out this weeks episode to get an overview over the categories and expand your understanding of where to look when it comes to improving your sleeptrust! So tune in right away – here on youtube or on iTunes, soundcloud or simply at

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About Michael Hildebrandt

Michael is a high performance coach and sleep expert. He loves to drive the best out of people and help them and to live a better life through improving their ability to sleep superb again.

Looking for things that will improve our sleeptrust we often have a to narrowed sight. We are looking for the straight forward tip that will help us to improve our sleep quality, efficiency or duration.

Often the direct route leads to nowhere if it is an isolated approach. If this is the case looking at all three categories is often the secret to success. START YOUR SLEEP TRIATHLON TODAY.

Also remember that helping others is also helping yourself – so share your experience in the community and inspire others to take action and find back to superb sleep again.

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This video is about the sleep triathlon and how the knowledge of these categories can help you to dramatically improve your sleeptrust:


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