The Shadow Warrior – Embrace Your Nightmares With Lucidity

How embracing nightmares will lead to integrating the underlying cause and release the nightmare?


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The Shadow Warrior – Embrace Your Nightmares With Lucidity

Having a nightmare from time to time is somewhat normal. Nightmares show up when our unconscious wants to handle stuff that we consciously do not want to cope with and therefore quite frequently put into these little boxes that we try to bury very deep inside. Things or situations that leave us with a huge amount of

  • fear
  • guilt
  • shame

and that we do not want others to know because we do not even want to accept them as part of ourselves typically end up showing up in our dreams as nightmares. These are the shadow aspects of our own personalities. Facing these shadow aspects in our dreams is probably the most powerful way to get confronted and to integrate them.

But how can we integrate a shadow aspect of our personality when we are dreaming?


is the technique that will allow you to get conscious in your unconscious. This means – If you learn to get lucid in your dreams you will actually know what you are dreaming when you are dreaming AND be able to take conscious action in your dreams.

It will take a bit of effort to learn the skill of lucid dreaming for most of us (even though there are natural lucid dreamers under us – I’m not one of those) BUT it is well worth the effort – especially – if you are facing nightmares at the moment.

The approach to get rid of your nightmares is kind of counterintuitive. Even though you could simply fight your fear that may show up in the form of ZOMBIES, MONSTERS or anything else – what you really want to do is to embrace them. Yes – you read right. Give the dream monster a BIG HUG.

Strengthen the power of SHADOW WARRIOR

By embracing the parts of your personality that you do not like you accept and integrate these on a deep level not only leaving your nightmares without a foundation to work with but also leveling up your awake reality through getting a more authentic person.


To support you I will give you the simple and straightforward ways to go lucid in the 1-2 episodes of the sleeptrust podcast that I have successfully tested to get lucid in my dreams.

But start by tuning in to this week’s episode right away – here on youtube, on iTunes, SoundCloud or simply at


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