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Lucid Dream Retreat – Mindfulness To Sleep

Not being mindful means being distracted from our lives – leaving us with emotions, problems and much more that has not been taken care of. Quite often we put a lot of effort into not having to deal with the stuff that we don’t like.

We excessively
  • watch tv
  • play with our smartphones
  • visit parties
  • show up in social media
  • work
  • do anything else

that helps us to forget the uncomfortable things that are going on in our lives. This might work for a fairly long period of time. But at some point the things that we try to forget to RAISE THEIR VOICE!

In regards to sleep, we hear this voice when we try to fall asleep. This quiet moment when we just want to let go. But these yelling thoughts.

Intense feelings
  • FEAR
  • Spinning thoughts

Or we fall asleep and wake up through a nightmare. Again and again and again. It seems as if there is no escape for us.

Being MINDFUL helps us to notice what truly is going on in our lives.</h5 But it does far more than that. Practicing mindfulness helps us to get in touch with our spirit. And our SPIRIT is always PERFECT no matter what circumstances we are facing. It also gives us this extra distance that lets us know that we are not the problems that might be surrounding us right now. With that distance, we have a better position to take action and change things for the better.
Start getting mindful today and use the simple techniques that I walk you through in this weeks episode of the sleeptrust podcast:

  • breathing technique
  • bodyscan technique

You might also take into consideration to visit a mindfulness retreat as I did for a couple of days to help you get out of your present environment, into a like-minded group and learn even more techniques that you can use to raise your mindfulness and gain your sleeptust as a by-product.

Either way – this week’s episode is a great starting point to get a better understanding of how mindfulness can help you to improve your sleeptrust! 


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