Dream Yoga – The Lucid Dreaming Practice Part I

Learn the techniques on how to go lucid.


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Topics we cover in this product:

  • What is dream yoga?
  • The two paths into lucidity
  • Inspector columbo and reality checks
  • Increasing dream recall
  • Setting up a dream plan

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Dream Yoga – The Lucid Dreaming Practice Part I

Lucid dreaming has been known and used by the Tibetan Buddhists and other cultures (e.g. ancient Mexicans) for thousands of years BUT for the largest part of humanity, this has been wisdom that has not been accessible widely.

Dream Yoga 3 Basic Parts

  • #1 conscious dreaming
  • #2 lucid dreaming
  • #3 out of body experience

The Buddhists believe that if you are able to dream consciously that you will eventually be able to die consciously as well.

If you believe this or not is completely irrelevant when it comes to the positive aspects that lucid dreaming can have for your real-life (waken reality).

If you want to go lucid you simply have to follow a couple of easy steps.
  • write a dream journal
  • train the columbo method
  • create a dream plan
  • use affirmations to get prepared

Listening to this week’s episode will give you a good understanding of what you can do to go lucid and how all of this works together to let you experience the best FREE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ever.

Share your experience going Lucid after this Lucid Dreaming practice!


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