Dream Yoga – The Lucid Dreaming Practice Part II

Start planning your dream.


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Topics we cover in this product:

  • Understanding dream signs
  • The three step process to lucidity
  • Advanced reality checks
  • Advanced affirmations

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Dream Yoga – The Lucid Dreaming Practice Part II

Did you get interested in Lucid Dreaming? Now you really want to experience the power and enjoyment that this can bring into your life.

Advanced techniques of:

  • recognizing dream signs
  • advanced reality checks
  • advanced affirmations

Having a dream plan in place that really gets you excited will help your unconscious to be prepared to act on it as soon as you realize that you are in a dream using the above techniques.

The possibilities that you have in your dreams are nearly limitless or only limited through your deeper underlying beliefs.

Things you can do in your lucid dreams:

  • have fun
  • increase spirituality
  • integrate shadow aspects
  • did I mention that you can have fun…

Get started today and don’t pressure yourself doing so. Give yourself not only the practice to get lucid but also the time it takes. Even if you do not go lucid right away you will become more aware of your dreams which is a tremendous benefit on its own.

Valuing our dreams as a unique source of personal wisdom will not only lay a solid foundation for lucid dreaming but also let you benefit through getting aware of things that are going on in your unconscious at the moment.

Also, think about checking out the related podcast episodes this week to further benefit. Practicing lucid dreaming starts with having the faith/belief that you will be able to do so and it will also be helpful to change certain habits to get into the routine of going lucid.

Share your experience going lucid in the comments and also additional techniques that help you get lucid and may help others to take inspired action on this.

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