The Law Of Attraction – Order Sleep From The Universe!

Applying the Law of Attraction to Sleep.


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The Law Of Attraction – Order Sleep From The Universe!

The Law Of Attraction

is a spiritual philosophy that got really famous through the film “The Secret”. I state that we are connected to spiritual beings that are all connected to the universe and that the universe will bring things to us that we wish ourselves as it will start to move things into our direction.

Practical this means:

If you hold a wish in your mind the universe will take care that things start moving into your direction delivering what you ‘ordered’ from the universe.


The law of attraction does not know about good or bad – it will deliver the order on schedule. This the universe will deliver on both

  • a wish (e.g. new car)
  • a fear (e.g. failing an exam)

in the same way. So your job is to take care that you wish the things that will serve you and the universe will take care of moving things into your direction.

A common misconception is that you only have to carry the wish in your mind and the universe will do the rest. But nothing is further away from the truth. The universe will gift you with inspiration and circumstances that move into your direction – BUT – you will have to take action on those ideas & opportunities.

When it comes to SLEEP the hardest part is to build up the faith that you will be able to have a superb sleep again AND this is the point where the law of attraction starts to do its work.

Most common thought often can be:

  • I am not able to sleep (bad order)
  • If you want to use the law of attraction you would rather want to get your mindset fixed with something like

  • I will soon be a superb sleeper again (good order)

Either way – the universe will deliver on schedule. So be cautious about your thoughts and change them accordingly. Do not expect this to be easy. If you have trained your brain for months or years to believe that you cannot sleep you will have to put a bit of effort & time into shifting that belief.

The law of attraction is also backed through science. Listen to this week’s episode to get a better understanding of how and why this is the case. So tune in right away – here on youtube or on iTunes, SoundCloud or simply at


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