Superpower Forgiveness – Free Your Emotions And Sleep

forgive yourself and others to free your mind and emotions and return back to super sleep again


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  • the power of forgiveness
  • freeing emotional blocks
  • three forgiveness techniques

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Superpower Forgiveness – Free Your Emotions And Sleep

Nothing can harm our sleep as effectively as strong emotions and if we are facing intense – often named – bad emotions, forgiveness is certainly a good thing to have a look at.

People have to deserve our FORGIVENESS, right? A common misconception is that the one that benefits most from forgiving is the receiver.

Benefit of forgiving others

  • unlock positive emotions
  • uplift our consciousness
  • free our minds

Forgiving others and also ourselves will help us to get into a positive emotional state, let us feel and sleep better.

By the way. Forgiving somebody or something is not the same as forgetting something.

Forgiving somebody does not mean that you

  • forget what happened
  • do not have to learn from it
  • do the same thing again

There are so many ways to practice forgiveness. A step that will make it easier for you to start is to acknowledge and accept the role that you played in the entire situation. Taking responsibility for your part does not mean that you were treated right BUT it will give you that extra power that will help you to practice forgiveness.

To make it even easier for you – in this week’s episode – I also walk you through three very powerful forgiveness meditations that can have a life-changing effect on you.

Check out:

  • Ho’onoponopono
  • Visual technique
  • Tonglen technique

I am sure that there are lots of other ways to make the process of forgiving easier and if you want to share one that worked particularly well for you in the past – please share this on our social media channels and spread the good effect of forgiving.


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