10 Minute Sleep Meditation To Fall Asleep Fast

Sleep Meditation to prepare you to sleep


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10 Minute Sleep Meditation To Fall Asleep Fast

Meditation is a powerful tool when it comes to the ability to guide our minds back to

    #1 balance
    #2 calmness
    #3 relaxation

Why should I give this a try?

Quite frequently our days are fully packed with tasks, high demands, and often even higher expectations (often ones that we direct against ourselves).

These things lead to stress, emotional pressure, racing minds laying a solid foundation for bad sleep. And getting enough high-quality sleep is majorly important when it comes to our overall well being. Not getting enough will add up on the stress, emotional challenges, and much more.

So – a vicious cycle is about to start if we don’t watch.

How can meditating help me here

In contrast to what we often experience in the daytime where all of our attention gets pulled into the outside, meditation helps us to focus on our inside. Let us notice how we are really feeling and let us wind down.

Unfortunately meditating on our own (e.g. a breathing meditation) can be a hard task in the beginning. It takes focus, concentration, and practice to experience the wonderful effects.

Can meditating be easy?

Yes, it can! That’s a good thing. Using guided meditation is a great and simple way to get started here. In contrast to a meditation you do on your own you now have a guide that your thoughts can follow simply by listening.

You can benefit from proven techniques like storytelling, anchoring, analog marking, and many many more simply by listening to a voice. Return back to calmness and relaxation in 10 minutes.

And as a result, be well prepared for a good night of sleep.

Here is something to get started

There are a lot of guided meditations in all imaginable lengths and techniques available on the internet. To get you started I created a meditation that you can download for free here.

This meditation has been specially designed for you if you want to

    #1 wind down at nighttime
    #2 let you return to calmness and relaxation
    #3 prepare you for sleep
    #4 be time effective (10 minutes)

I’m sure that you will enjoy this meditation – so take care that you take advantage of this right now! FREE sleep Meditation with music.

Have a superb sleep
Michael Hildebrandt


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