Affirmation – Sleep Support From The Unconscious

With every breath that I take I feel calm and thankful for life and openly expect sleep to come.


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  • how does the unconscious mind works?
  • how to use affirmation?

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Affirmation – Sleep Support From The Unconscious

Wanting to sleep better is a conscious act. But did you know that 95% of our daily actions are performed unconsciously? So what does this mean for our path back to superb sleep?

Getting the 95% locked in

First off we want to get the 95% of unconscious actions working in our favor. And the way to do so is to let our conscious mind beat the drum loud and clear so that our unconscious knows how to follow.

Despite the fact that only 5% of our daily actions are consciously driven it’s this 5 % that we want to see in the driver’s seat when it comes to our life.

Affirmations are a simple way to get into that driver’s seat and give clear and loud guidance to our unconscious that can make our path back to superb sleep so much easier.

So what are Affirmations?

A very simple yet powerful tool. Affirmations are simple sentences – almost well-formed commands – that we give our unconscious repeatedly. That way we ensure that the actions we do not perform consciously are aligned with what we really want.

Get it, so how do I use them?

The best thing is that it is really simple to set up affirmations and that you can do this right away following these five basic steps:

  • keep the sentences short enough, so that you can memorize and repeat them easily
  • stay clear and positive in your formulations (don’t use negations)
  • try to have a visual representation for the affirmation
  • bring in emotions to the process
  • repeat the affirmation being in a quiet state of mind

And that’s all you need to get started…

Want to see an easy example

Let’s just imagine our minds get racing because of worries at night time. Furthermore, this results in problems falling asleep quickly in bed. A good affirmation could look something like this:

With every breath that I take, I feel calm and thankful for life and openly expect sleep to come.

It’s easy, formulated positive (result-oriented) and brings emotions (e.g. thankfulness) into the equation. Instead of simply using this example to start, try to create your own personal affirmation. That way you will ensure to make it a great fit as that the drumbeat will match your situation and personality. Furthermore, it can be great fun to do so.

Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s episode of the sleeptrust podcast to get much more inspiration on creating powerful affirmations.

Until next week – have a superb sleep.


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