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Join The 5 am Club

When it comes to bad sleep nearly nobody recommends getting out of bed earlier. But this is a powerful method that will tackle more than one cause of sleep problems. Joining the 5 am club will give you more benefits than you ever think so.

Building sleep appetite

Through getting up at 5 am you will give your body more time to build up the hormone Adenosine. As soon as hormone levels rise, they will trigger sleepiness.

Having tons of Adenosine in our body will help us to feel tired at night time when we want to sleep.

Starting the day enjoyable

Staying in bed until the last minute seems a logical smart thing to do for many of us. Especially when we went to bed late. As a result of this, we often start our days hectic and stressed.

In opposite to this daily routine getting up at 5 am enables us to start the day quite. Enabling us to spend time with the most precious person around us. Ourselves.

Listening to our
  • favorite music
  • having a walk
  • doing meditation
  • drinking a coffee and dreaming

is proven to let us be more kind and empathetic to others. Furthermore, you will be more focused at daytime and therefore increase your productivity.

Getting a morning PRO

If you now decide to plan your day through
  • prioritizing tasks
  • thinking of people to connect
  • defining something nice to do for yourself
  • and practicing gratitude

in the morning, then you are running on to the pro level.

Nothing changed my professional and personal life more than getting good morning rituals in place

Assuming that you want to benefit from all of this I highly recommend getting further inspiration in this week’s episode of the sleeptrust podcast.

See you in the 5 am club!


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