[Step #7] Creating Effective Bedtime Rituals For Better Sleep

Create an effective bedtime ritual for better sleep.


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[Step #7] Creating Effective Bedtime Rituals For Better Sleep

Do you know the feeling of not being able to implement the necessary things to improve your sleep quality and energy levels?

Probably you simply don’t know how to use the flow of your mind to create good and lasting rituals. Hence you fail to implement the things that would be so good for you.

Before you give up – let’s change this together! Luckily the process is easier than you might think.

Coincidence vs. predictable results

Using our willpower to take a specific action might seem easy for us. Therefore we think we can simply use this force repeatedly to succeed. Turns out it let’s our long term results turn into a coincidence.

What we want are predictable results though!

Imagine that I hand over two dice to you. Furthermore, let’s say you win when you throw these dice over the table and the sum of them equals 7. In short – the chances of another number showing up when you roll the dice are higher than to get the 7, right?

Now let’s say you are allowed to put the dice on the table without the need to throw them. You could lay down a 6 and a 1. Bingo! Or a 4 and a 3! You get the concept. By simply changing the rules, we transform the game and get predictable results.

This is why we want to use rituals.

Talking about rituals

A ritual is simply a set of actions that we perform regularly and that therefore are already hard-wired in our brain. So then the execution does not cost us energy as we do not have to make a decision about if we want to perform the specific actions neither do we consciously have to think about performing it. As a result, we can rely on those rituals to be performed. As an example, you will not forget to brush your teeth in the morning.

Unfortunately, when we start to do something new on a regular basis these rituals can backfire on our attempt to implement a new beneficial habit.

Luckily we can also use the power of existing rituals to implement new habits and even ease the process of implementing new things.

Utilizing existing rituals

Let’s skyrocket our odds by using these basic #5 steps of utilizing existing rituals for our benefit to implement new habits.

#1 get conscious about your rituals

Firstly let’s become aware of our existing rituals by simply writing them down.

Simply do so moving on step by step and by getting clear out the triggers that initiate your next action. As an example, the end of your TV series triggers you to turn off the TV. Turning off the TV triggers you to get into the bathroom. Locking the door triggers you to brush your teeth.

#2 integrate the new action

Now that you are clear about what is going on it’s up to you to find an ideal place to position your new activity. As an example, you could position a hot bath after brushing your teeth. So your trigger is that you finish brushing your teeth (putting your toothbrush away) and then want to have your hot bath.

#3 visualize the process

Move on by visualizing an entire walkthrough of your modified ritual in your mind. What might happen here is that you can see yourself having your teeth brushed and now you are literally standing in front of an empty bath.

It’s great when something like this happens to you during the process as it’s an opportunity to streamline the new ritual to something that will work even better. E.g. locking the bathroom door could now be a good trigger to start getting hot water into your bathtub. After that, you might want to brush your teeth and afterward you step into your now filled hot bath.

#4 getting real

As soon as everything feels right you want to act on your new ritual. In brief, just do it! An additional tip for you is to give yourself additional reminders in the beginning (e.g. a “hot bath” post-it on your bathroom door)

#5 keep accountable

The last thing you want to bring in place is accountability. The two most effective ways to keep accountable is to simply measure your progress or to ask somebody else to track you!


Following these five simple steps will truly help you to let your success rate quadruple and ease the process as a side effect.

Now move on and experience how easy it can be to actually implement the things that will benefit your sleep, energy levels and overall life quality by simply working in flow with your mind.

Enjoy your new rituals


P.S. – Optimizing your rituals is Step no. 7 of my proven 9 – step coaching system that I use to bring clients back to high energy levels on the foundation of deep, resting sleep. Don’t forget to download the free Sleeptrust Sleep Map if you haven’t so far and start to map out your personal journey back to superb sleep!


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