[Step #8] Enjoyable Bedtime Routines For Happy Sleep

From healthy habits to enjoyable bedtime routines.


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[Step #8] Enjoyable Bedtime Routines For Happy Sleep

Not sure which sleep tips you want to implement and how to implement them into your daily routine with ease?

This is probably the biggest source of failure when it comes to doing things that will improve your sleep. Firstly we don’t pick things that are tied to our personal situation or preferences. Secondly we don’t have a clue how to start creating a habit out of them.

And it can be much easier to be successful than you think. Let’s walk through it together.

Which sleep tips should I implement?

There are about a trillion sleep tips out there that you could choose to implement. And they can (nearly) all be useful – depending on the person and situation the specific tip gets applied to.

But how can you figure out what your best choice is?

Simply write down these three categories

#1 body (e.g. avoid light in evening, good mattress, hydrate, massage, stretching, etc.)
#2 nutrition (e.g. avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine, fruits, veggies, supplements, etc.)
#3 mind (gratitude, meditation, mindfulness, breathing, etc.)

on a sheet of paper. And now brainstorm and get inspired on what you could potentially do for each of these categories (I gave you a couple of examples to get started). Start to get involved. Create your personal list of things in a brainstorm manner.

When you are done with this, start to evaluate which things have the potential to help you most. If you are caught in negative emotions at bedtime you might generally want to prioritize the mind category and choose something from here that relates to you.

There will be points that serve more than one category. As an example practicing meditation had an impact on the way I was able to handle pain in the past and calmed my mind. Recognise these things as they can be a double win for you.

Now – as a result of your evaluation – choose the 1 or 2 things that you know will be most helpful for you.

Congrats! You just ran through a great evaluation process and sorted out what really suits your personal needs.

How can I implement these things

Simply taking action is often a route to failure. As a result, we get frustrated and lose the hope that we are able to better our life. Soon we often stop to make further efforts and settle with the situation.

But what if we just didn’t use the right method?

Turns out this is actually the case very frequently. As a result, we often know what but we don’t know how when it comes to the implementation.

Luckily the steps you need to know are very simple!

Our existing routines and rituals are very powerful. They are already wired into our brains. Wouldn’t it be great to sneak a new behavior into these existing routines?

In short – this is exactly what we are going to do.

Firstly we want to be clear about what actions we are performing on a regular basis (our habits) and what triggers these behaviors. After that we will integrate the new behavior into this system.

Before we want to think about where we can get the new behavior integrated we need to get clear about the existing routines. Hence we want to write down our evening activities and identify the triggers that let us perform the task on autopilot. This could look something like this:


    7 pm

    getting up from dinner

    closing dish washer

    lay down on sofa


    have dinner

    do dishes

    go to living room

    turn on TV

Now have a look at your routine and figure out where your new action would be a good fit. What existing trigger can you use to perform that action and what effect will this have on any other action? Create a modified version of your ritual mind and run through it entirely in your mind.

Your job is to literally see and feel what is going on when you are performing the new ritual and adapt until everything works out fine solely by visualizing. Interesting side notes: As our minds do not differ too much between the things that we actually perform in the real world from those that we perform in our minds – you are already building your new ritual with this exercise.

If you need more guidance on how to do this also check out this week’s podcast where I run you through an example.

Gifting yourself with 45 minutes to run through this process will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future. Afterward, you will reap the fruits of your efforts!

Have fun and superb sleep


P.S. – Making things enjoyable is Step no. 8 of my proven 9 – step coaching system to bring you back to high energy levels on the foundation of deep, resting sleep. Don’t forget to download the free Sleeptrust Sleep Map if you haven’t so far and start to map out your personal journey back to superb sleep!


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