[Step #6] Preparing Your Mind For Bulletproof Sleep

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[Step #6] Preparing Your Mind For Bulletproof Sleep

Do you believe your will power is too weak to improve your current situation when it comes to your overall energy levels? Or to improve your sleep quality?

Turns out, that this is mostly not the case!

What you are really lacking is the right strategy OR better said the right motivation. As said we all tend to have good will power but often use it in the wrong way and fail with our intentions because of that. Furthermore, our self-confidence gets a hit every time we don’t follow through on what we tell ourselves we will do which brings further pressure to future change.

What we are really lacking is a deep, solid, honest, and emotional motivation for change!

Today I want to share two powerful ways to get all set up for lasting change

#1 Reframing

Let’s say you are a business professional, maybe even running your own business and are under constant high demands.

What you would need to do to get into higher energy levels would be to give yourself more time to relax (meditate, sleep, or any other relaxing ‘me time’). Now let’s further assume you want to give yourself an hour more sleep to feel better the next day.

Consciously this might sound like a great idea for you…but your unconscious mind might see that you have high demands and less time to solve them. Furthermore, it might fear that you will get even less done making the daytime pressure even bigger.

Following the above example, you can reframe the situation by telling yourself that you will invest one additional hour into your sleep but that you will be 50% more productive in your waking hours because of this. That makes sense. Now you have to sleep to get more things done.

Keep in mind that this is only one example and that your specific situation might have something completely different to reframe.

#2 Purposeful Motivation

Now we are going deep. Most often we fail to do things that we know are important for our

  • energy levels
  • productivity
  • mood
  • well-being
  • health

because of a weak core motivation. We rather do things for rational reasons than for emotional and deep ones.

Rationalizing things often has the effect of telling us rational lies!

What we really want to have is a deep, emotional reason that will drive us through the change even if things are hard at times.

To do so ask yourself WHY you want to do the thing. Don’t stop with your first response here. The first response will most likely be a rational answer.

Asking yourself “why do you need more sleep?” might bring up an answer like “because I want to feel better at daytime”. Makes sense, right? But completely rational. You want to keep on going deeper here, so continue questioning this.

To bring it deeper from here we would follow up with a question like “why do you want to feel better at daytime” and the answer to this will probably still be rational. At some point, you will notice that the answer gets emotional and this is when you know that you found your deep purposeful motivation. This could be that you want to be the partner to your spouse. That you want to be the best father/mother on earth. Or even that you want to make the biggest possible impact on the earth. It might also be something completely different. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you feel a deep emotional response.

Simple as that. I find the best way to do this exercise is to do it with a friend or your accountability partner.

Now, go on and tap into your core motivation and start to follow through on the things that you know will serve your entire life, your career, your business, your friendships, your family and any other aspect of your life

Have an energized day!

Michael Hildebrandt

P.S. – From next week on we are going to walk through the (last) steps 7 – 8 – 9 of my proven 9 – step coaching system to bring you back to high energy levels on the foundation of deep, resting sleep. Don’t forget to download the free Sleeptrust Sleep Map if you haven’t so far!


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