Changing Perspective On Covid-19

We can act-out of reflects or we can act-out of strong leadership, making this world stronger


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Changing Perspective On Covid-19

These days we have no chance to not get in touch with Covid-19. As soon as we turn on the TV, radio and even the internet the topic is omnipresent. As a result, wide parts of our population are anxious.

There are two particular things that let me worry when it comes to Covid-19.

#1 the uncertainty

So many things are unclear. Questions like

  • How high is the mortality rate?
  • What is the number of total infections?
  • How dangerous is Corona for our population?

are still unanswered. As a consequence, we feel a big uncertainty that can easily result in feelings of anxiety or even fear. And fear is a bad advisor when it comes to good long term solutions.

#2 our response

As a response to fear we typically act in one of three options

  • fight
  • flight
  • freeze

As every human tends to fall into a different pattern so we can see different behaviors out there at the moment. Some are gathering food and guns at home. Others tend to party on as if nothing were happening. The government is taking action.

I’ll share a couple of things that helped me to bring things into perspective.

Changing perspective

  • with date 23.03.20 there are 341.396 people infected with corona worldwide
  • 14.759 died through corona worldwide so far
  • every single year 2.800.000 million people die in the US alone
  • the average age of people that died in Italy (date 23.03. – source was 79,5 years

A virus that spreads that quickly and has the potential to kill is a dangerous thing after all. Looking at the numbers there is no reason to panic though. What we need is careful and caring action. A couple of things that definitely make sense until we’ve got back full control are:

  • avoiding to meet groups of people
  • visiting old or sick people if this can be avoided
  • washing hands after e.g. shopping
  • working from home if possible
  • strengthening our immune systems (enough sleep! eating healthy, cold shower, sports

With these thoughts I wish you to stay healthy & happy and of course that you enjoy a superb sleep!

Take care


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