Top Three Techniques To Improve Will Power For Sleep

There is no such thing as us walking through our discomfort without us having will power


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Top Three Techniques To Improve Will Power For Sleep

Today I want to start this article with some math. Let’s assume one has bad sleep at the moment. This bad sleep is related to his or her current situation and current behaviors. In this and any similar scenario, we can say that bad sleep is the result of the current situation and the current behavior.

Bad Sleep = Current Situation * Current Behavior

Looking at this formula it gets quite clear that we have to change something on the right part of the equation if we want the result on the left to change.

And when we are talking about change we first commit to ourselves that we want to change something (e.g. New Year’s resolution). Secondly, we need the willpower to get the process going.

In short – thinking about change always means the use of willpower to a certain degree. Furthermore using willpower can be really exhausting and frustrating if we do this the wrong way. But luckily I have three techniques to share with you that will not only ease the process but also quadruple your success rate!

In the following, I will share all three of these with you and if you want to get an even more hands-on description, then consider listening to this week’s episode.

Reduce it to the ridiculous (#1)

Sometimes we use our willpower trying to achieve things that are far beyond what we believe that we are capable to do. As a result, we get frustrated, fail and end up with a bad feeling about ourselves.

The trick to achieve things much easier is to reduce these “terror blocks” too little chunks until we know we will be able to achieve them. There is no such thing as a too-small chunk. Therefore go on to reduce it to the ridiculous if necessary until you can literally feel that you will be able to follow through on your commitment to change.

As a result, you will create (sleep)trust and confidence in yourself AND your freedom of creating the results that you truly desire.

Visualise the process (#2)

Next test pilot the thing that you want to change through visualization. Simply close your eyes and pretend to walk through the changed situation and take a minute to feel inside yourself. As a result of the initial visualization you might find things that you want to adapt to make the process of change easier. If this is the case simply do so.

As soon as you have a good feeling about the change that you demand – commit to the process of implementation. Then move on and use your will power to get started.

Keep accountable (#3)

Any change can be hard in the beginning. Even if you use the first two tools there is room left to further improve your success rate. Keeping yourself accountable by measuring your progress and communicating it to others is a great way to utilize social pressure for your advantage.

Especially creating an accountability partnership to keep you accountable on a daily basis will enfold a true powerhouse when it comes to following through.

Final notes

Using willpower the right way to implement change is a powerful tool when it comes to improving our sleep quality and any other aspect of our life.

But don’t get fooled by this as it is only one aspect of successful change. In my coaching practice willpower is an entire and fundamental block of a nine-step building. This block lays the foundation for eight others to guide clients through change.

Therefore – start to strengthen your willpower today and reap the results for your effort immediately. As a consequence, starting to successfully implement change will have never been as easy for you before.

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