Can Sleep Really Help Us With Corona

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Can Sleep Really Help Us With Corona

These days Corona is omnipresent. It is good to be aware that there is a potential threat out there and to take conscious careful action.

The discussion that we can follow in the media is building a polarity though. This polarity is built all-around avoiding getting infected with the Corona disease. As a consequence at present, nearly nobody is thinking about strengthening their immune systems.

But let’s face it. People are getting sick and there will be more coming.

In this week’s episode, I walk through a couple of simple things that you can start to do right away to dramatically strengthen your immune system!

And guess what – getting a good night of sleep is one thing you want to take care of. By the way…there are more.

The Immune System Power-Ups

In addition to avoiding getting sick – here are four power-ups that you can bring to action today.

  • #1 sleep enough
  • #2 daily cold shower (3-5 minutes)
  • #3 eat fruits and veggies daily
  • #4 utilize the placebo effect

Finally, you might want to listen to this week’s episode where I walk you through the above steps in more detail.

Stay healthy and have a superb sleep!



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