Entering The Insomnia Matrix

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Entering The Insomnia Matrix

In the last decade, more and more people are suffering from bad sleep. Sleep has got a major topic in our society and has and is getting studied excessively in universities, companies and personal life. This is a good thing as it brings awareness to the topic. Also, the sleep medicine industry (pharmacy) has been inventing and selling sleeping pills worth a couple of billion dollars in recent years. But these sleeping pills all have in common that they only fight the insomnia symptoms – not the cause.

The Insomnia Matrix will help you to work on the cause of your sleep problems giving you lasting results and therefore back your natural health and resting sleep.

You might also think that there is so much information about sleep out there and that you don’t need the insomnia matrix – and that’s fine. I am thankful for the access to the information we have nowadays every single day. You can find tons of information all around
• insomnia symptoms
• insomnia medicine (e.g. different sleeping pills)
• tips for sleep hygiene
• insomnia tests
• insomnia treatments
• and so on…

As great as it is to get all that support – it’s almost too much and the information is often more confusing than helpful.

The Insomnia Matrix will also give you the foundation for clarity instead of confusion.

Now I’m an Insomniac?
Now, after you did your google research you know that you are not a bad sleeper, but that you are sick. You have got insomnia. So you need treatment now, right? You were aware that you are not feeling good when you don’t get enough sleep – but now you also know that insomnia can kill you! Thanks to google. As good and true as this information might be – it also builds up a pressure that YOU HAVE TO SLEEP OR YOU WILL DIE (or at least get seriously ill).

Relax and take a journey
We all know that sleeping is about relaxing our bodies and our minds. So we are going to start right here. Forget all the stuff about your health for a while. Forget the need to sleep. Simply forget as much as you can. It’s about resting. It’s about giving you the space that you deserve to regenerate. You do deserve a time to rest, right?

Yes, but how will I get back to superb sleep?
You can imagine getting somewhere that you once were as a journey. As in any given journey you first need to know things:
1. where do I want to go?
2. where am I?

This is exactly how every navigation system works and we will do the same to get back to superb sleep.

Where do I want to go?
This is easier than you might think right now. Let’s start with our destination. You want to get as specific as you can about this. Best you get a pen and write your destination down. Write down that you want to have a superb sleep again. Good start. Now get more specific.

What does this mean for you?
• How will it feel?
• How many hours will it be?
• How will it look?
• When exactly do you want to reach your destination?
• What are you willing to do to get there?

You get the game. Get specific. Get real. And read your goal at least once a day on your journey.

Where am I?
No journey without your exact starting position. It’s the way every navigation system works. There is now the way the navigation system could navigate you to your destination without knowing exactely where you are right now. Often in real life, we oversee this fact. Doctors often don’t have the time or skill to walk you through this and we often don’t realize how important this actually is. But even if we recognize it is hard to do a positioning when it comes to sleep.

This is where you can use the Insomnia Sleep Matrix. It is a unique approach that I created to bring together all relevant parts and taking the overwhelm out of the equation. I use it for my coaching and it is also the core of our top-selling product at sleeptrust.

It is called the Insomnia Matrix

What is this Insomnia Matrix?
The Insomnia Matrix basically combines two dimensions and brings them together for a complete assessment of your sleep situation.

Dimension 1: The Sleep Triathlon
Each of these three aspects can have a major impact on your sleep and “training” them is what I call doing the Sleep Triathlon.
• body
• nutrition
• mindset

But there is a second dimension

Dimension 2: The sleep coaching process
Doing sleep coaching we need a model to run through certain things. This approach is what I call the sleep coaching process. The core that always wants to be run through when it comes to sleep coaching is the following steps:
• sleep appetite (sleep drive)
• bedroom (cozy & safe & for sleep)
• inner clock (circadian rhythm)

Running through these aspects in a coaching session alone can bring great insight and results.

Entering the Insomnia Matrix
To enter the Insomnia Matrix you simply need to take an hour of silent time for yourself. Make sure you are feeling good and relaxed and will not get disturbed. Now we take the two dimensions from above and build checkpoints layering them over each other:

1. checkpoint one: body/sleep appetite
[example]: nothing special
2. checkpoint two: body/bedroom
[example]: my back is hurting on my matrace – my body feels hot
3. checkpoint three: body / inner clock
[example]: I’m not tired at bedtime
4. checkpoint four: nutrition/sleep appetite
5.checkpoint five: nutrition/bedroom
6.and so on…

In the end, we have 9 checkpoints. You can download a FREE version of the Insomnia Matrix that will give you the structure to walk you through the process easily. Walkthrough each checkpoint and write down your sleep-related thoughts about them.

This exercise is really powerful and will give you an exact positioning of where you are standing right now with your sleep.

There might also be checkpoints where you don’t have any ideas. That’s fine – leave them empty.

At some checkpoints, you might not be sure if you put your thoughts into the ‘right’ checkpoint. But it doesn’t matter in which box you put what here. It’s about assessing the thoughts and not about the boxes.

How can I get set up for my sleep journey?
Now that you know where you want to go (=superb sleep) and where you are (=insomnia matrix) you want to define one action that will take you closer to your destiny. Your first step. Take something that will matter. Take something that you know you will follow through on. Take action!

Well done!

Finding back to superb sleep – starts – as every journey, with accurate positioning of your current sleep location and your destiny. The best way to take an assessment of where you are standing right now in regards to your sleep quality is the Insomnia Matrix. Download your version for free today and consider listening to the podcast episode of the sleeptrust podcast to learn even more. On that foundation, it will be easy for you to pick one action that will bring you nearer to your goal and that you know that you will follow through on.


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