The Scary Truth About Insomnia

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The Scary Truth About Insomnia

It is great to have words that describe things for us and that enable us to communicate with others in the most efficient and effective way. For every aspect of life, the word was invented to help us do this. We can tell people that we love them and have wonderful conversations that enrich our lives.


the #1 word that we find to be around ourselves when it comes to sleeplessness, in regards to sleep. The word is great. It describes that one does not get the sleep he or she needs to feel good. But the word has been hyped in the tv, radio and the internet to a degree that it is starting to have a negative impact that has reveal the truth about insomnia.

Ever heard of “in the beginning was the word” – o.k. that one is from the bible and we are not getting religious here. But there are many philosophers that think and talk about the power of words. Instead of only describing phenomena a word can also start to create reality. This is when a word enters into our head and gets hooked to emotions. For Insomnia I believe this is the case.

Type of Insomnia

acute Insomnia (short term)
chronic Insomnia (long term) – can I get rid of this when it is already chronic?

Categories of Insomnia

Comorbid Insomnia
Onset Insomnia
Maintenance Insomnia

If these categories were only for specialists to talk to each other things would be great. But these are available to all of us. More words = more reality.

Top question ask on google when it comes to Insomnia

Can you die from Insomnia?
What foods cause Insomnia?
Is Insomnia a sign of Cancer?

If you were ‘only’ having a bad sleep before – now you are worried – maybe even frightened. This ties everything up with bad emotions and starts building up a huge amount of pressure that YOU HAVE TO SLEEP WELL RIGHT NOW AGAIN! Otherwise bad things will happen.

This is the point where a WORD starts CREATING REALITY.

Don’t let this happen to you.
• Accept the situation as is (truly assume it to be temporary)
• Go to bed when you are tired (not before)
• Set the intention to relax in bed (no working / no need to sleep -> this is not under your control)
• Listen to this and next week’s podcast

Maybe this is a good point in your life to listen to this week’s episode to get the sleeptrust perspective on Insomnia and to pick up a couple of concrete tips what to do (or not to do) in next week’s episode too.

Either way – I know that you deserve a superb sleep and that you will get there even if you are facing poor sleep at the moment.


We have informative & entertaining content. But you will only start to see results when you take the opportunity and act on the ideas you pick up that relate to your personal situation. I know you can do. This podcast is about how words can wander from describing reality to creating reality and looking at these phenomena with the word Insomnia:


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